SLIME KITCHEN: DIY – How to Make Doll SLIME | Sugar Cookies | Eggs | Coffee | Ice | Lemonade & More

Today we are taking a look at our slime collection. Which I am sure is a little odd-looking Yeah, they’re not the most beautiful Slime colors, and that’s because we use them in our doll slime kitchen What do you think, the hat’s too much? Should I lose the hat? Yeah, lets lose the hat. […]


what you guys in tonight's video I'm going to be going to every fast-food restaurant and I'm gonna be ordering a kid's meal I thought it'd be super fun for me to film a video with my son you guys seem to really like him on my last video so it's okay you know what […]

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Recipes: Part 1

I'm froggy and this is ten minutes of Barbie Dreamhouse adventures starting now well I have been doing a lot of work in the kitchen trying to discover new recipes and I'm ready to share with you all of the things that I found so some of these you may already know but I'm just […]

Easy & Healthy Habits to Start Now! | Holistic Nutritionist, Model, Mommy

good morning guys I am super excited for this video I think this is going to be the first of its kind for vlog style of healthy habits I do every single day that makes my life a little bit better and partnering for this video with us by far my favorite lip balm company […]

Food Journal | 2.26.19

for breakfast this morning I am having oatmeal this is just plain oatmeal with blueberries in it I went a little crazy from my birthday weekend I ate like a dozen donuts in two days by myself um in addition to cake and a bunch of other things so I am just kind of trying […]

Healthy meal shopping!

hey crazy yeah we're a fries hey what are you gonna make Rockley is really like deep rough I'm sorry favor Gannon maybe some more celery for us so what you gotta do I gotta get a cup of times like D you need some hey you know I got greens how much they got […]

Unbox Daily: The Secret Life of Pets Surprise Boxes | Happy Meal | Radz | Just Play

we would like to give a special thanks to rads for providing us with these products today on unbox daily we are taking a look at the secret life of pets – first let's take a look at rads blind boxes inside there are three surprises in one a candy bag a collector's card and […]

Unbox Daily: Barbie ULTIMATE Kitchen – Barbie Dough | Accessories | Barbie Doll & More

Healthy Drink Recipes for Blenders – Food & Home – ModernMom

you hi there i'm barbara barry and I've got Tatum and we're going to do some shaking up in the kitchen making some delicious smoothies in the blender and a really fun milkshake out of this mu milkshake mixer is your Armstrong guess what this is not electric you're going to have to be the […]


hey guys so I'm editing my meal planning motivation video and I wanted to pop on real quick and say that today's meal planning motivation is a little different I know when I do the meal planning motivation the purpose or at least my hope behind it is that you guys are getting different ideas […]