Hey guys! It’s Jana! And good morning to you all today we’re going to clean the kitchen I didn’t do it last night before I went to bed and it’s a horrible horrible mess this sink is totally filled with dishes and the dishwasher is full of clean dishes you know how it is after […]


Hey guys! It’s Jana! And I am so excited we’re going to do a new recipe today I am going to make delicious brownies with Reese’s Cups in them so we’re doing this from scratch just because it’s better and I just wanted to share this recipe with you I know you guys love the […]

vines that are cleaner than your grandma’s kitchen

Hi, I’ll be your waitress for tonight Hey, how you doin’? I’m good! Nice to meet you Good HAHAHA I wanna be a cowboy baby Hell yeah I wanna be a cowboy baby DaDdY? DO I LOOK LIKE? I’m back There’s a mood failures my spoiler there GUYS! GET OUT OF THE WAY! IT’S THE […]

Kitchen Organization Hacks! | Jordan from Millennial Moms

(joyful music) – Hey guys, Jordan Page with Millennial Moms here. And today, I’m going to give you a tour of my kitchen! That’s right, my kitchen. We’ve got five kids, a busy household, and we live in our kitchen. Over the years I have learned a few organization tips and hacks that have really […]

How We (Fail and Succeed) Making Funnel Cakes in an Airstream

We are going to make something special, sort of as a treat. Mmmm… It just looks like someone dropped yellow paint into our deep fryer. Wherever you go, yeah, you can take me there Over the ocean, I can see us there. Let’s run away and be forever young We’ll catch the sun, where there’s […]

i cooked DINNER vs. my MOTHER !!! lmao

Last time we spoke to you guys, I think I was in Italy when I did all the Pizza videos(very tasty pizza i loved it) and then I actually flew to Portugal just to visit my family and my mom actually had no idea that I was coming so I actually surprised her You guys […]

‘Whisper Network’ Author Chandler Baker Talks Tina Fey and How to Use ‘Y’all’ Properly

– My main characters refer to Tina Fey as God quite a bit. ‘Bossypants’ is basically my bible. (keyboard clicks) I’m Chandler Baker, author of ‘Whisper Network,’ Reese’s Book Club pick. ‘Whisper Network’ follows four women who have worked at a company for a long time and what happens when their boss, a man who […]

TVF Bachelors | S02E03 – Bachelors vs Cooking

So here’s the plan. The maid comes in exactly at 9:00 in the morning, she rings the bell at 9:20 and enters the house with the duplicate key at 9:25. I gave it to her, so we don’t have to wake up. Why does she ring the bell then? -Point, we’ll discuss this tomorrow. -Let’s […]

What's For Dinner? | Easy Meal Ideas

I'm getting ready to pregnant symbols this little little oh hey guys welcome back to another week of what's for dinner if you're new here hello and welcome i am taylor and i do these what's for dinner videos every week to hopefully give you guys some dinner inspiration tonight is Friday and on Fridays […]

Dare To Be Crazy – 10 Crazy-Tasting Desserts To Surprise Anyone

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