चिकन दम बिर्याणी | Homemade Chicken Dum Biryani | Step by Step-Chicken Biryani | Restaurant Style

Mobile Home Kitchen Renovation

today we're going to share with you our mobile home kitchen renovation prior to moving here I did do a walk-through of this property and I did walk through this mobile home but prior to that I had never set foot in a mobile home so I wasn't sure what to expect I mean you […]

Loaded Pink Gold and Black Cake Drip Tutorial- Rosie's Dessert Spot

hey guys welcome to Rosie's desert spot in the story I'll be teaching you how to make this loaded pink black and gold cake – thinking I've got my chocolate ganache just playing some to my cake board to stick my cake on top and then using a spatula to spread my ganache over the […]

European Kitchen Cabinets – Nobilia New York

in future the kitchen is set to become the hub of the home more than ever before it is the center of attraction for the whole family a place to relax in an area for socializing indulging multimedia interaction as well as personal expression and creativity in future the kitchen will continue to evolve in […]

best outdoor kitchen design ideas

DIY Marble | Apartment Kitchen Makeover

so here's a clip of how our lovely kitchen looked before this is the contact paper that I use it's marble contact paper I purchased this on Walmart's website I like it because it has the little grids in the back so it's really easy to cut you're also going to need some Windex some […]

Modern High-End Tiny House with XL Kitchen & Rooftop Deck

hey everyone in this video we're checking out a tiny house with a really interesting feature we haven't seen anywhere else this is a 24 foot long tiny house on wheels with a rooftop deck that's built right into the roofline which is a great way to create an outdoor space that moves with the […]

2018 Canadian IMP Shephard's Pie MRE Review Individual Meal Pack Tasting Test

this is a 2018 data production Canadian Forces individual meal pack or iymp the 28 teams come in 21 separate menus this is menu 18 shepherd's pie it's a supper many there are breakfast lunch / dinner and then supper menus boylee that this is probably the only rash and you see this let's check […]

3 Easy Christmas Desserts

welcome back to day 10 of our Christmas videos guys it is the final consecutive day so I hope that you have enjoyed this back-to-back series today we're going to be doing a Christmas treats and I did want to let you know that I will have more Christmas videos coming up throughout the month […]