SPECIAL New Minecraft 1.14 Crafting Recipes

more new minecraft 1.14 crafting recipes to get some very special items indeed there are now recipes to make music discs in game as well as leaves yes you can now craft leaves believe it or not cobwebs and a whole host of new items web bomb what is that about how about some berry […]

Automatic Bone Meal – Hermitcraft 6 Ep88

David Craft Minecraft Lets Play Episode 59 The Baker strikes

hello and welcome to episode 59 of the david craft server so today as it's becoming night i want to check out the iron farm here whoa I don't kill myself which has been producing pretty well okay not bad nope here – the other day I was doing some afk fishing and I happened […]

Turning COMMENTS into Minecraft CRAFTING RECIPES! #3

hey what's going on guys tip here last week we turned your comments into crafting recipes from rocket ladders to water fences you asked and we delivered and we grabbed eight more recipes from last week's comments section so today get ready for fire apples of ochre robes and even the ultimate weapon so leave […]

Hermitcraft VI 817 Suspicious Food Source & New Projects!