How To Fuel Your Ride | Emma’s Banoffee Pie Overnight Oats

– This is the first in a new series of GCN nutritional videos. These are all recipes that are simple, quick, easy to make, cheap ingredients and quite tasty for how healthy they are. First one being, banoffee pie for breakfast. Yep, that’s right. Something that tastes like cake, for breakfast. And it’s all based […]

Gajar Ka Halwa | Indian Sweet Dish recipe | NO Mawa

गाजर का हलवा | Gajar Ka Halwa | Carrot Halwa | Indian Sweet Dish recipe 3 Carrots Dry Fruits like raisin(kishmish), cashew nuts(Kaju) for garnishing 2 tbsp clarified butter (Ghee) Milk 1 Glass Sugar and Milk Powder one small packet (27 gram) First peel carrots and then grate the carrots. After grating the carrots keep […]

Recette Tarte Cuite à la poêle – Cuisine Marocaine

Hello Pan Tart Recipe 3 whole eggs Vanilla 12g baking powder 200g wheat flour 80ml vegetable oil 120g sugar 150ml milk Vanilla 120g sugar salt 80ml vegetable oil 150ml milk flour 12g baking powder 20cm/6cm butter Divide the mixture by 3 5min A packet of Vanilla Mousse 100g 160ml cold milk 3 jars of plain […]

Fruit Custard recipe – Fruit Salad with Custard

Namaskar Welcome to Today we will prepare Fruit Custard which is a very delicious sweet dish. Whenever you crave for something cold and sweet after a meak, you can make this custard. It can also be served at a party. Ingredients required: Mangoes Apples Grapes Pomegranate Fruits can be chosen according to your likes, […]

Milk, Dish Soap and Food Coloring == Dairy Fireworks

Welcome to episode two of my post college journey Just a quick recap: I’m Diana, I just graduated with a degree in physics from MIT. I love science. Anyways, the first experiment i’m going to attempt is called dairy fireworks. … I don’t actually know what it’s called but I just named it. The ingredients […]

【sub】 동대문 할아버지 크레페, 누텔라 크레페, asmr cooking

Today, I will cook Papa’s Crepes (Dongdaemun Street Food) by my own recipe 2 Eggs Stay eggs at room temperature for 30 minutes before using Sugar 10g, Salt 2g Soft flour 100g Warm milk 250ml Add warm milk over 3 times If you add all milk at once, lumps will be come up. You need […]

Recette d’œuf – Idée dîner facile et rapide

Hello Egg recipe – Quick & easy dinner idea 350ml milk 200g white flour 2 eggs salt pepper mixed 2 eggs + 2tbsp vegetable oil 350ml milk + 200g white flour oil Grated red cheese Parsley Cooking oil 5 eggs Parsley Salt (optional) pepper Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

This Is How Much Food You Will Eat In Your Lifetime

Have you ever wondered just how much food you will consume over a lifetime? It’s kinda mind-boggling because let’s face it, just trying to calculate what you put in your mouth over the last month would be pretty difficult to do. We are talking about averages of course since we all eat different things, but […]

Easy Twisted Bread Recipe

250g of plain flour. 5 grams instant dry yeast. 12.5 grams of sugar In a measuring cup: 1 egg + 3 tbsp melted butter + warm milk, all combined to reach 250 ml. Stir Add 62.5g of plain flour for easier to shape later. (Use 312.5g of flour in total). Knead until smooth Rest for […]