Getting Better Together | Johnny Baker

I’ve been a part of Celebrate Recovery for a long time now and I’ve been sober for a long time, but I still struggle with lots of different things. 2 things I tend to struggle with are anxiety and what I call seasonal depression. A few years ago, around Christmas, I went through this season […]

Mental Health Nursing Part-1 || Most Important Multiple Choice questions MCQs For Staff Nurse Exams.

welcome to our YouTube channel ransom pric F booty subscribe to our channel and click on bell icon from miracle we upload regular videos for staff unit exams preparations question one first psychiatric Asylum was established in which country a u.e.b New England C Nepal D Pakistan correct answer is be first psychiatric Asylum Bethlem […]

Why maternal mental health matters | Fatimah Jackson-Best | TEDxBridgetown

really excited um so a lot of you in this audience probably don't know who I am Alex gave me a nice introduction my name is Fatima Jackson best and the reason that you probably don't know me is because I wasn't born here I was born in Toronto Canada to basian parentage though so […]

SICK (2019) | Mental Health Short Film | MYM

Mental Health & The Armed Forces | Kati Morton

hey everybody happy Thursday today is another episode of coffee and a chat with Katie oh yeah but first I want to thank today's sponsor better help they provide anyone facing life's challenges with easy discreet and affordable access to professional counseling from a licensed therapist such as myself now today's topic is all about […]

Researchers propose global mental health strategy

whirring fact this morning that up to one in five children worldwide experience problems with their mental health untreated those problems can hold young people back limit their potential but the World Health Organization is hoping to change that with a repurposed global strategy Christine Burak brings us the details today there are a lot […]

How does Diet affect Mental Health? (ft. HackYourHealth)

after not feeling happiness for a long time I started to feel happy and it was it nothing else changed except for my diet so I felt like the change in that or the microbiome or something changed my mood so I was just wondering if you had a similar experience hey help girls welcome […]

The growing burden of chronic disease – Health Special Pt 1 | 7.30


This ladies and gentlemen is a rotten tomato nobody in their right mind would eat this because It's right, and you would get sick yet. See when it comes to the mind We eat rotten poisonous dirty thoughts every day here are some examples And you know what happens when we eat these rotten thoughts […]