My Monash with Professor Di Cook

I’m Di Cook and I’m a Professor in Business Analytics in the Econometrics and Business Statistics Department at Monash University. My role is to provide leadership in building a research program and also in educational offerings that tackle the new area of research in business analytics. I grew up in a small town in northern […]

Free TAFE – Cookery

I love cooking, that’s my favourite thing in the world. Why not make a career out of it? Free TAFE’s been very different A lot more fast paced, and a lot more hands on, which is definitely my type of style. So the fact that every morning at 8.30 we’ve got a four-hour prac class […]

Amazing Japanese Meal

I belong with you I think most of you guys don't even know so I'm living in Melbourne at the moment so I have moved away from Perth oh god I miss Bali the Trib used to be amazing he used to be amazing but yeah I'm about to go for my trip forehead Japanese […]

DESSERT TOUR in Melbourne, Australia!

that's awesome this whole thing is like the bugaloo ballerina hey what's up guys its type on today I have a sweet tooth so I'm going to go to Melbourne and start hunting but in desert let's go hunting so this nice gentleman right here Rob what's it Holland – la la la ooh la […]

Melissa's story – Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion