Health Justice with Tim Faust │ Means TV

among so-called developed countries it is America that is the most dangerous place to be sick the most dangerous place to be pregnant the most dangerous place to be gay the most dangerous place to be old and one of the most dangerous places to be disabled that's why people all across the country are […]

Status Quo Joe's Healthcare Hail Mary

our next clip is brought to you in partnership with Squarespace bring your stories to life online with Squarespace through a website blog or portfolio so easy I can even use it for 10% off head over to Squarespace comm slash tyt or use the promo code tyt question was asked whether we support eliminating […]

Bernie Sanders Gloats After Poll Disproves KEY Health Industry Talking Point

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Medicare for what? The three major Democrat health care plan proposals

Janina on Facebook can you spend some time talking about the various healthcare policies in the mix for the 2020 primary alright I'll I'll try to start and you interrupt me if I've fucked something up so let's start with the public option and there's various different types of public options or they're called buy-ins […]

Why We Need Single Payer Health Care | Very Important Docs⁷

health care in the United States of America it kind of makes you feel like well there's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going there's no knowing where we're going or which way the rivers blowing is it raining is it snowing is the hurricane of blowing not a speck of life […]

Cory on Health Care | First Democratic Debate

I'm attorney senator corker on there senator broker explain to me where you are this is a hugely important to people so tell us where you are absolutely will first of all we're talking about this is of health care issue but in communities like mine low-income communities eyes this is an education issue because […]

Bernie On Government-Run Health Care Plan: “You Don’t Have The Taxes Unless You Have The Program”

the people of any other nation are furthered for a lot of Democrats the question is how you get there and there's in it it is true you tell me you're going to raise your taxes support goes down you tell people they can have out private health insurance support goes down and that's led […]

TFW You Know The Media Will Never Stop Lying About Your Healthcare Plan

Bernie Sanders was with Harry Smith on CBS I mean it's sort of amazing because the the media that Bernie Sanders has gotten over the years now relative to where where he was able to get on five years ago 10 years ago but here is NBC Nightly News with my big idea Bernie Sanders […]