KLUNA FAILED COOKING CLASS AGAIN! | COMPILATION ASMR eating sounds no talk pâte à modeler mangeant

Welcome to Klunatik`s official COMPILATIONS channel! Here we will upload compilations and give more background information about these videos. Check our MAIN channel for our latest videos: YOUTUBE.COM/KLUNATIK This video was originally uploaded on our main channel in 2016 The video went viral and received 41 million views! Because so many people liked this video […]

Iron Chef /Japanese cuisine VS French cuisine 料理の鉄人 日本料理vsフランス料理

If memory serves me right, one’s sense of taste originates from food of one’s country. Tonight two countries have will a cooking battle. Two countries will have a cooking battle tonight here. First let me introduce a challenger from France, Florie. Here she comes. Can a YouTuber from Europe win this battle and prove French […]

5 Science-Backed Barbecue Tips

[ intro ] It’s summertime for those of us in the northern hemisphere, which means one thing: barbecue season. This style of food prep is a summer favorite because it’s all about heat, flames, and how to control them for the tastiest meat or veggies. And just like your kitchen at home, there’s plenty of […]

Chilli Beef Lettuce Wraps🥩 – COOKING Hack👨‍🍳👍

A very simple but insanely tasty dish for all occasions. Delicious minced meat fried with onions, spices and tomatoes is cooked quickly and simply with a recipe for fried minced meat! Description of preparation: Usually fried minced meat becomes the basis for another dish. Garnishes are prepared for him, fried with vegetables and the like. […]

22 Foods You’re Eating Wrong

facts verse presents 22 foods you’re eating the wrong way number one taking a salad to work many people who are trying to eat healthy take a salad to work rather than bringing a sandwich you should put your salad in a mason jar you can make your salad and put your dressing on the […]


Often we refuse the idea to please ourselves with a steak at home because of the stereotype that a piece of meat cooked on our own will not be as juicy and tasty as in a restaurant. But this is a fallacy. Steak at home can be fried no less delicious. The main thing is […]

Taste Testing Slovakian Food [Kult America]

This evening I am in a glorious country of Slovakia to taste test a little bit of Slovakian food. And some fun trivia – I am taste testing at the place that I spent my honeymoon evening. Maybe meat? Yeah, it can be meat. There’s a nice one pork steak with potato, or ragout, or […]

OSU CASNR | Food Science Degree Program

(guitar strumming) – Food science is kind of the study of how our food is made, how it’s processed, how it’s handled, the safety behind it, and everything that goes into it, from meat to fruits and vegetables. Basically, by studying food science, you’re gonna know what you’re eating and kinda how it affects your […]

Folded Pork Cutlet (Layered Pork Katsu) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with folded pork cutlets that’s right they say you should never judge a book by its cover well the same thing goes for pork cutlets since while this appears to be a plain old piece of bread and fried pork thanks to the very simple technique […]


Many people don’t realize that porcupine are excellent climbers, but they are! The most humane way to dispatch a live animal is not with primitive weapons, but the modern gun. Quick and painless. We will need a hot fire to cook with this primitive technology. We are going to make an earth oven, and that […]