4 MORE Salad-In-A-Jar Recipes!

A lot of you have written in, on the hunt, for some inspired lunch ideas. So I thought it was time to show you four more salads in a jar. Today, I’m going to show you Cobb salad in a jar, a tasty, autumn inspired salad in a jar, a wonderful taco salad in a […]

⭐️Make Ahead BREAKFAST FREEZER MEALS! Late Night Freezer Cooking!

– Well hello, hello. We meet again. I’ve been eating a can of mixed nuts that’s over there on my counter. Just confessing all my sins to you now. It is, it’s 8:35 on a Tuesday night. Let me tell ya, we had a full-on day of school today. Everyone has been fed and bathed […]

CAREERS IN COOKING – Culinary Arts,Nutrition,Meal Planner,Cooking School,Recruiters,Salary Package

Hello All..This is Manju from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Cooking Cooking, popularly known as culinary arts, is a rewarding career opportunity indeed. Here you will have the chance to explore your passion as you create exotic, unique and delectable […]

5 Days Of Home-cooked Meals | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink and this week is Hey everyone, and welcome back to Refinery29’s YouTube channel. If you’re new here click on the little subscribe button in the corner and be sure you’re subscribed to my personal YouTube channel at youtube.com/luciebfink. I hope that you’re excited for a new episode of Try Living with Lucie, […]

NO-COOK VEGAN MEALS » for the summer heat

If you don’t have a kitchen or if it’s really hot where you are Or if you just don’t feel like cooking then today’s video is for you It’s getting really hot here in the Netherlands We hit the mid 30s last week and I don’t know about you, but when it’s that hot outside […]

Frugal Crock Pot Meal , all In ONE Dish !

where everyone happy Wednesday I wanted to share with you cooking in the Sun Oven well hello it’s another rainy dreary day and I can’t be in the Sun Oven so it’s going to be another crock pot Wednesday wonder what we’re gonna find that to make in the crock pot today mmm should we […]

Meet Houston-based Renaissance Chef Thelma Portillo

Since I was a little girl, I saw my mom cooking all the time, and I used to cook with her and everything. I used to get in the kitchen and help her out. And I just knew that’s what I liked to do. That’s what I wanted to do. When I came to the […]

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken & Pasta Skillet Meal

– Quick weeknight meals never go out of style. Check out how easy this is to make. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Welcome back for another quick weeknight meal. Tonight, we’re serving sun-dried tomato skillet chicken. Let’s make this together. In a large pot, we bring water to a boil and cook the pasta according to […]

5 Budget Tips for Hosting a Holiday Luncheon + $27 Ralph’s Grocery Haul (all sale items)

hi everyone its melissa here today as you can see i’m expecting company for a holiday luncheon my husband has a friend from out of town visiting us here in los angeles i’m doing a very simple lunch today on a budget as a bonus if you want to stick around I just hoofed it […]