Canh Bầu nấu thịt món ngon đơn giản Mẹ làm ( Gourd cooked meat) Cơm Mẹ Nấu

Anita Baker – You Belong To Me + Lyrics

you don’t have to prove to me you’re beautiful to strangers I’ve got lovin’ eyes of my own, of my own, you belong to me why’d you tell me this were you looking for my reaction what do you need to know don’t you know I’ll always be your girl you do not have to […]

Bananas Foster (with a twist) – Holiday Dessert Recipe

hi welcome to show me the car um I'm manager and I'm hippo and today we're making banana surprise wonder what the surprises this recipe was shared with us by Cyril Abraham so thank you so much for it and let's get started so we can see yeah so of course banana you're going to […]

Blaming Fast Food

since so many people want to blame fast-food restaurants for making people fat I thought I should hang around McDonald's and see if anyone would drag me inside and make me eat their food it didn't happen I was also ignored by the staff at Taco Bell Carl's jr. and Popeyes Chicken back at McDonald's […]

🧽Clean with me! Routine ménage du lundi : La cuisine

sally pagaie aujourd'hui je vous ai filmé un vidéoclip et demi d'enfants c'est simplement un vidéo que je fais mon ménage puis moi je trouve ça hyper motivant j'adore regarder des vidéos comme ça fait que je suis 100 par an puis aujourd'hui c'est mon boxeur ma routine aux ménages lundi matin qui est vraiment […]

Dr. Phil Asks Amy and Sammy About Their Behavior on "Kitchen Nightmares"

Sammy says that he is organized and very courteous with his staff but when you see him interact it tells a different story he says this is all put up set up let's take a look at the ontology response I still do no kidding yet you tell the customers they're gonna get their tape […]