Junk Food Wine Pairing

First Course. An amuse-bouche of mechanically reclaimed chicken, encased in a light crispy coating. Accompanied by a 2013 Meursault Les Clous. Immature, with notes of white flowers & apricots. Adding complexity to the batter finish. Southern inspired chicken gravy reduction. Served with a self assured Les Deux sherry. Pairing rich, piquant aromas with a luxurious […]

Top 10 Untold Truths About McDonald’s Salads

Do you order salads from McDonald’s? If you do, you may be curious about whether other customers love these menu items as much as you do. There is so much to learn about salad at Mickey D’s! We’re here to share the biggest and most fascinating 10 untold truths about McDonald’s salad. McD’s Salads May […]

Huge Secrets Fast Food Restaurants Tried To Hide

Fast food companies are like any other big corporation: they have secrets. Sure, no one is perfect and success comes at a price, but considering customers are the ones paying, shouldn’t they know what’s really going on at their favorite chain? Here’s what some didn’t want you to know. Sometimes, you just need a hot […]

The Real Reason McDonald’s Is Pulling Salads From 3000 Restaurants

Anyone hungry for a fast food salad in the Midwest will have to look beyond the Golden Arches, at least for the time being. McDonald’s announced on July 13th 2018 the temporary removal of salads from the menus of more than 3,000 restaurants in 14 states as a precaution after a multi-state outbreak of cyclospora […]

What’s in McDonald’s Food?

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Ultimate Fast Food Combination Taste Test

Can Vegans Explain Meat Dishes To Meat-Eaters?

– Oh! – (Lara) Gary was killed… – You know what it is. – Since when is this an aphrodisiac? – Maybe that’s why she was mad about it, ’cause she’s like apparently! – This makes my brain hurt! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re going to be playing Vegans Explain. – Vegans […]

What Happened When I Ate Nothing But “Healthy” Fast Food For A Week

– Fast food is cheap and convenient. But hidden in between the burgers and tacos are some “healthy” options: salads, grilled chicken, yogurts, oatmeal, power burritos. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? I spent a week eating nothing but these “healthy” fast foods and I lost six-and-a-half pounds. But even though I lost about a pound […]

What McDonald’s Menu Items Look Like Around The World

Aliza Gulab: When traveling, you’re more than likely to try delicious, authentic food found in the country that you’re in, not fast-food chains. I mean, who travels across the country to try… McDonald’s? But McDonald’s is the second-biggest fast-food chain in the world, and it’s all over. Its menu items actually differ depending on where […]