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Gordon Ramsay’s Flavorful Salmon And Sides: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

– The secret behind is making sure your cook it skin side down. Skin side down protects the salmon, stops it from overcooking. But more importantly, we get that skin nice and crispy. In order to stop the salmon from buckling up, tilt the salmon. Just lift it up by that, bend it. Take a […]

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Alaskan King Salmon | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

Spiced Alaskan King salmon. The most exciting thing about cooking salmon is making sure you get that skin nice and crispy. Score. Salt. Pepper. Cajun spice. Oil. Skin side down. Touch of butter. That keeps the salmon so moist. Incredible. Flip. One of the first things I learned when I came to America, a great […]

Ice Cube Stops By THE F WORD Kitchen | Season 1 Ep. 10 | THE F WORD

– Welcome, sir. – Yeah, what’s up, man? – Good to see you. – How you doing? – Welcome to The F Word. Gentlemen, good evening. – How you doing, brother? – Hi, Rashad. What’s up? Good to see you. Nice to see, Kenyon. Now, first of all, congratulations. Thank you. The BIG3. Yeah. 1, […]

Undercover Gordon Ramsay Tries To Be Annoying | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

I’ve travelled across the country to New York City to try to fool a former protege of mine, Maria Tampakis, and her students, at the Institute of Culinary Education. Now, if I do my job properly, they’ll be cooking alongside a Michelin star chef without them knowing. First stop, the make up chair to become […]

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France: the country of gastronomy with its flavours, its products, its wine, and especially its acclaimed chefs who are among the best in the world. The citizens of this culinary heaven must be so savvy and talented and among the greatest culinary wizards, all winning the Cordon Bleu. WRONG! Al dente! I don’t know about […]

A Look Back On Season 10 Of MasterChef | Season 10 Ep. 24 | MASTERCHEF

Our search for America’s 10th MasterChef started off with a bang. Welcome to the 10th anniversary season of “MasterChef.” Wow, it’s the kind of dish that I’ve seen top 10. Absolutely stunning. This is the best auditions we’ve ever seen over a decade of this competition. Go, baby! This truly was a season of celebration. […]