How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hardware (the Easy Way!)

Installing cabinet hardware is a simple project that’ll put the finishing touch on your kitchen cabinets. This project requires basic tools that you probably already have. You’ll need a drill and bits, a screwdriver, measuring tape, painters tape, a hardware mounting templates, and a pen or pencil to mark. To make sure all the knobs […]

Eminem I Need A Doctor PARODY! The Key Of Awesome #40!

I’m the ghost of Christmas past Please don’t look at my ass All sad Eminem raps must have a Dido Remember Dido Well, I’m the new Dido Dido Now here’s a pissed off rap Oh my god it’s kinda odd that you got all these wires and tubes Coming outcha body, oops I just saw […]


Go! – But the connection is again… – It’s not stable. Done. It’s OK now. – The connection is not stable. – Everyeon, is it OK to watch? – The connection is… – The connection is not stable. – Is it OK? – What if it turns off? – Let’s start first. – Is it […]

Extreme Chinese Street Food – JACUZZI CHICKEN and Market Tour in Kunming! | Yunnan, China Day 4

– I hope you’re having an amazing day, it’s Mark Wiens. I am in Kunming, which is the biggest city and the capital city of Yunnan province in China and today I’m going to take you on a Chinese street food tour, we’re going to eat some of the local specialties, so I’m excited to […]

KITCHEN OF DEATH | Prop Hunt #44

Jack: Aw, but now I’m with Wade. Mark: Wooow. (x2) Wade: Oh, suck it. Bob: Wow, Jesus. Bob: Unrelenting. Mark: Wooow *laughs* Wade: Deal with it! Bob: *laughs* Jack: This prop does not work. Bob: Wade, did you just turn into your drunk aunt, who’s-who’s telling you to deal with it, at the Christmas party? […]

Harry Potter and the Steamy Slow Jam! Key Of Awesome #44

Hermione and Ron Girl you’ve been giving me looks for the last five books They gonna get it on, yeah There is nothing left to fear so have another butterbeer He’s got a magic wand I’ll put some wizards in you, cause that’s what Weasleys do That’ll make em go all night long Avada Viagra, […]

Layne Norton & Shawn Baker DEBATE The Carnivore Diet, Fiber, Calories & MORE!

yeah and there's research out there you know like people say oh you're a flexible dieting guy kind of like I've become very centrist on a lot of stuff now for some people being too flexible is a very bad thing okay I think structured flexibility is really good I think having the option that […]

Thai Street Food Tour in Bangkok, Thailand | BEST Spicy BURNING Street Food Tour with Mark Wiens!

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James And today I am with Mark Wiens from Migrationology I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long And today we are going for a full on Thai street food tour in Bangkok, Thailand What are we going to eat today? We are going to eat […]

Where to eat desserts in Yangon Strand Road

every one year again going to be a documentary where in strand roadster and we kind of got tired of all the fried food and crazy crickets and whatnot so we're here in Rome and ordered that deluxe Myanmar tea trio now we're gonna try it lucky it's good good stuff the ice cream is […]