Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop PARODY!! Key of Awesome #74

It’s my money gonna spend it on gum It’s my career I can do a shark jump It’s my jaw and I can wire it shut I can read gersbermps They’re ma ferverite berks Dead Cats and dirty dishes everywhere Hands in my pants cus I’m itchy there I’m just came to shame my mother […]

Lady Gaga Applause PARODY! Key of Awesome #76

I recorded this song while getting a massage I spent the past several months hiding in my Gagarage Since I’ve been gone others have tried to claim the Gaga Crown When Miley tries to be me she looks like a slutty clown Now lets try on some bras with claws and balls I’m digging through […]

Somebody That I Used To Know – WOTE Parody! Key of Awesome #55!

Now and then we like to play one guitar together and that’s convenient since we only have the one. Tony sold our other instruments. To pay some gangsters but he’s still in debt. and if they catch him he will surely be dismembered. Tony is addicted to a wide array of narcotics. He says they […]

Jennifer Lopez On The Floor ft. Pitbull PARODY! – Key of Awesome #37!!

J-Lo my name ain’t on the list, come down here and tell em I’m with you. It’s a new infestation Of Bridge and tunnel people Get off the floor drunky, lay on your side dummy Let me introduce you I’m confused and I don’t really know when I get of the train which exit to […]

Katy Perry – E.T. ft. Kanye West PARODY! Key Of Awesome #41!

I got on silver pants I’m in a Spaceship I’m not a Sissy, but I’m feelin’ kinda Spacek I’m the greatest, unafraidest, I got braces, I’m about to throw uuuuuup cus I ate at Space Pizza Hut Had to move to outer space the only place my head can fit Gonna find a borg chick […]

Taylor Swift – Shake it Off PARODY! Key Of Awesome #90

i make this dumb face derp i got zero shame i’m dancing like elaine invading peoples space excuse me here comes a fake laugh and now i’m acting black yo yo dawg i know tons of raps rap rap like notorious 2-pac im strapped im such a doofus acting like i’m clueless but i can […]

Taylor Swift – Bad Blood PARODY ft. Kendrick Lamar Key of Awesome #99

♪ We’re really awkward assassins. We mostly care about fashion. Selena looks like an infant. Should we be letting her do stunts? Goo. Hey! Okay! Here’s the facts, you broke your back. That’s right. In the future we have doctors who can rap. And I got a PhD from MIT and several shiny plaques. Hey! […]

Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) PARODY! Key of Awesome #110

Even though you Were a dickweed Not gonna drag your name through the mud That’ s the old me I’m not petty HAHA I’m just kidding! Got you chained up In my basement Hallucinogens should be kicking in shortly Soon you’ll be seeing several of me I’m chopping you up It’s what happens to schmucks […]

Lorde- Royals PARODY!! Key Of Awesome #78

I always have a blank look on my face Like those twins in that hallway in the Shining I’m not allowed to move my lips Cus my singing face is really homely And every song is like Baa Baa black sheep, Bingo Was his name-o Let it snow, Somewhere over the rainbow Was that wrong? […]

Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap – All In My Head (Flex) PARODY! Key of Awesome #113

Sex sandy beach sex Because subtlety’s dead And we got to make bread It’s what’s in your head this is my favorite beach Jetty i just take seat and get a dance for free wanna make some little fettys with everyone of you in the boob lagoon i’m not rappin or singin’ this is the […]