Aam Ki Burfi | आम की बर्फी/मेंगो बर्फी इस तरह बनाएंगे तो महीनों तक खाएंगे | Mango Burfi Recipe |

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Maharashtra famous Mango Burfi In Maharashtrian Style, we are going to make In Maharashtra, Alfonzo Mangoes are very much available And A special Sweet is prepared in Marathi Style It is very tasty We can use it for long time And Its taste is very different And it […]

How to Make a Mango Coconut Green Smoothie

Eating Well’s Mango-Coconut Green Smoothie is like the taste of the tropics in a glass, and it’s really easy to make and a delicious way to drink your fruits and some vegetables. To start, add about half a cup of plain coconut water to your blender. Next, add one cup of sliced frozen banana. That’s […]

Mango Coconut Jelly (Agar Agar) Recipe วุ้นมะม่วง – Hot Thai Kitchen

so at vita welcome to hot thai kitchen right now in vancouver it is so nice and warm it feels almost like thailand so i thought i would show you a recipe that is perfect for this weather i'm making mango coconut jelly cubes and in Thai that is wooden mum want now one is […]