Quick and Easy Dish Cloths for the Stove Handle

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And I love those little dish towels that hang over the oven door. They usually have a little crocheting on them and they keep them right on the oven door for you so that they don’t fall on the floor and they’re there when you need to wipe […]

So I Tried a Making Studio Ghibli Dish…

*Bowl noises* This is an egg… Heres some milk.. and an aggressively bobbing Totoro *Egg cracking noises* Totoro watching the egg secretively SHE NEEDS SOME MILK Egg plopping noises Aggressive tapping Oh hey, there’s some flour *More aggressive mixing* Aggressive scraping Here’s sum sugar Totoro watching creepily as Aki mixes.. Watch me turn the stove […]

i made GORDON RAMSAY’s most difficult dish

Beef-Fillet lean meat with little fine sinews of fat running through it just melts in your mouth like butter This is very intense Hot pan, olive oil Seal Mustard Season I could never pull this off like ever Now, I’m going to take the water out of the mushrooms. Look how wet they are. Beef […]

Origami – Tray (container, dish)

Broken Dishes Quilt Using Precut Fabrics

BROKEN DISHES BLOCK Hi. It’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Today, we’re going to talk about a traditional old block called broken dishes. This is a broken dishes block. It’s a great old block. It hails from the 1700s, and I’m sure that when the women were coming on the boats and the wagons […]

Luang Prabang Cooking Class: Delicious Lao Cuisine

pounding the eggplant the round eggplant they’ve been cooked for a few minutes now hi hi authentic foodies we are today in Lao and specifically in Luang Prabang and we are at the moment at the heuan chan historic home and we’re here for a cooking class before we start the class we’re gonna take […]

Street Food in Old Karachi | Aalo ki Bhujya, Bhindi, Palak, Mash ki Dal | Pakistani Vegetarian Food

Assalam o alikum, my name is Zia Tabarak and riht now i am in the old city area of karachi behind me is i i chundrigar road and this way is MA jinnah road and memon masjid there you can see the head office of bank alfalah aswell when you come from bank alfalah towards […]


Hello folks it is Barry here welcome to the slow motion kitchen now making a pancake in normal time is perfectly good but making it in slow motion is a very sexy thing indeed check this out

DIY: Große Papierblüten-Wand aus Kopierpapier selber machen | Deko Kitchen

How to make a romantic paper flower backdrop Hello and welcome to Deko Kitchen Thank you for watching this video As many of you have asked how to make such paper flower backdrops I decided to make a tutorial about it These paper flowers are made of copy paper This type of decoration is not […]

Ellen and Padma Lakshmi Cook Up Some Fun!

You admitted here that you met Salman Rushdie when he was married.>>Mm-hm.>>And tried to fight that and didn’t want to get into a relationship, but you did.>>I was in my 20s, when I met Salman and it was really like literally fireworks because we met at Liberty Island at that talk party and for us […]