KITCHEN TOUR 🏡 Design Ideas & DiY Decor! (Home Tour)

I am here in the kitchen to give you guys a quick tour today we just shot our family photos so it is clean for probably the only time I will ever be clean so I thought I’d take you guys around and show you how I decorate it and how I staged everything for […]

M∙A∙C Rick Baker — How To Create the Zombie

[MUSIC PLAYING] Since we’re doing a Halloween theme, I thought we should definitely do the zombie. It was one of the first ones I wanted to do, especially since zombies seemed to be popular at the moment. But I’ve always liked them. With the chromagraphic pencil, I sketched out the basic anatomy where the dark […]

M∙A∙C Rick Baker – Movie Makeup Master

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s what I wanted to do my whole life. I mean, ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a makeup artist in the movies and make monsters, and I pinch myself every day that my dream came true. And that’s what I get paid to do. It was my […]

M∙A∙C Rick Baker – How To Create the Monster’s Bride

[MUSIC PLAYING] I kind of like to do an updated version of the Bride of Frankenstein. Micheline, who’s our beautiful model here, she came out, I took a few photos of her, and then I painted a number of concepts. That’s one reason I wanted to do this, because I thought it’s something that’s very […]

M∙A∙C Rick Baker – How To Create the Day of Dead

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m just going to do this collaboration with MAC for Halloween things. They wanted to do something that was showing off some of their colors. They have so many great colors. And I thought a sugar skull, a Day of the Dead character, would be great. I just did a lot of research […]

What I Eat In A Day As A Model Pt 1 | Victoria Secret Show Meal Prep | Sanne Vloet

good morning guys rise and shine so today I'm going to show you what I eat in a day this was a very requested subject a lot of people have been asking me about my diet how I stay in shape so first of all I think I wouldn't even call it a diet because […]

What I Eat In A Day As A Model Pt 2 | Health, Wellness, & FOOD | Sanne Vloet

good morning guys today I will make another what I eat in a day video I will be sharing a couple of my favorite recipes so you can make it at home and now it's time to make some breakfast okay so one of my favorite breakfast besides the smoothie Bowl I actually shared in […]

Cooking HOT CHEETO ELOTES with JEN_NY69! | Louie's Life

VLOG | Dumpster trips, cooking with kids, and The Head Proprietor of Crap Mountain🤣

hey you guys happy Thursday okay it's almost 12 o'clock today's Thursday we have a lot of stuff to do this weekend I just don't know if we're actually gonna be able to get it done so here's a scoop it's almost 12:00 I've been sitting down finishing my vlog like my weekend blog it's […]