RESIDENT EVIL 7 | THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER | RE7 Theories | Mia Baker Thoughts

One of the main takeaways from the Twilight demo update was the new portrait above the fireplace confirming that there is in fact a little girl involved with the Baker family. Who would have guessed that this image of the precious American dream would soon become a nightmare, and the loving family would transform into […]

Resident Evil 7 Ending | What Happened To Lucas Baker? | RE7 Theories | HCF?

One of the most interesting characters to come out of Resident Evil 7 was Lucas Baker. Since the demo we knew this tweaker son of the Bakers was a bad seed but we couldn’t have imagined how bad. This torture fueled pshycopath is not just a nuseince to Ethan, but has an unspeakable evil lurking […]

Resident Evil 7 DLC | Lucas Baker Vs Chris Redfield Theory | RE7 Not A Hero

This Spring, Capcom is releasing a Resident Evil 7 DLC called Not A Hero, that will be free downloadable content. As of now we don’t know anything about the story of this game, except for the fact that it will feature a supposed Umbrella Corporation Chris Redfield. Keep in mind we aren’t really sure it […]

Resident Evil 7 | Did Eveline Kill Jack Baker? | Examining The RE7 Green Dream

One of the most confusing scenes from Resident Evil 7 comes when main character Ethan has been cocooned in mold and is in some sort of hallucinogenic state. The game transfers you to a green tinted world, the green dream, where one of the main villains Jack Baker, bad guy, and your main helper throughout […]

Resident Evil 7 | The Story Of Lucas Baker Explained | RE7 Character Recaps

Lucas Baker is a puzzling yet intriguing villain. A Resident Evil 7 fan favorite, this crazy fellow was responsible for some of the most fun “Don’t be like that It’s gonna be fun” and most twisted moments in the game. So what is the deal with the bad seed son of the Bakers and how […]

RESIDENT EVIL 7 | GRANDMA BAKER THEORY | RE7 Theories | Spencer Trevor Part II

What’s up ZOMBS! We’ve been talking so much about classic characters returning to Resident Evil 7 that we’ve been ignoring a character is already confirmed. That’s right, everyone’s favorite old bag Camille. From sinister to senile, the woman has had quite the transformation from trailer to trailer and it will be interesting to see how […]

RESIDENT EVIL 7 | Is Lucas Baker Good Or Bad? | RE7 Enemy Theory | PRE-LAUNCH NO SPOILERS

Lucas Baker is a bad seed. “Lot of bad rumors about their son Lucas, bad seed apparently” We’ve known his reputation since the demo was released but we still don’t know how he earned it. There are drugs in the home, was he a local high school dropout and drug dealer/user? Was he troubled, and […]