The Patron Saint of Street Food in South Central LA – Street Food Icons

-My talent is making people happy. You’ll never want to get rid of Keith as a friend, ever. -He’s a loving person. He comes, shakes everybody’s hand. -“He cook, he funny, he’s outgoing.” -It’s shocking. It’s shocking to the taste buds. That’s all I can tell you. -All Flavor No Grease speaks for herself, you […]

Welcome to My Kitchen: Sweet Noodle Kugel

Hi I’m Suzanne, welcome to my kitchen in Santa Monica. Today I’m making my famous kugel Ah kugel! It’s a Jewish holiday staple. Everyone has their version, but my sweet kugel is a family favorite. For it you’ll need: eggs, sugar, vanilla extract sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, whole milk, butter unsalted, medium Manishewitz […]

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