The Contestants’ Parents Come To Hell’s Kitchen | Season 18 Ep. 15 | HELL’S KITCHEN

This Fish Dish Will Challenge Your Stereotypes About Indian Food

– [Nakul] This is a Barramundi Mollie. – From Kerala, Karala? – Kerala. – I can’t pronounce anything. – That’s fine. (laughs) (mumbles) – Arjun and Nakul, Badmaash here in L.A. – Yes – Let’s talk about misconceptions about Indian food. – [Nakul] It’s too spicy, it’s too heavy. – [Arjun] Buffet. – [Nakul] Buffet, […]

New-School Cantonese BBQ Is An LA Favorite | Line Around The Block

(upbeat jazz music) – [Sydney] This is RiceBox. It’s a hit spot in Downtown LA for Cantonese style barbecue. (upbeat jazz music) I hope you came hungry. – Well, I like everything, the chicken, the rice, everything, and he loves it too. I do think that it’s a unique experience. Especially where it’s located. (upbeat […]

Robata Jinya – Excellent Japanese Cuisine and Happy Hour Deals in Los Angeles California

♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ We’re at Robata Jinya. It’s like a tapas kind of place where you can order small Japanese dishes. They also have sushi and they have a happy hour special from 5-7 so we’re happy to see that. There’s some interesting things in here like.. they have a homemade tofu where they make […]

Healthy Chinese Chicken Salad

I’m Darnell Cox with live young lifestyle and I’m here today with my best friend Gina for another episode of cooking with friends and today we are gonna make an actual healthy Chinese chicken salad yumm I’m excited I love Chinese chicken salad but it’s usually the worst thing you can order on the menu […]

Gordon Shows How To Make The New Dish | Season 2 Ep. 8 | GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL & BACK

Legendary Pakistani Food Hidden In The Back Of An LA Convenience Store

-My name is Fozia. -And I’m Fahim Siddiqui. -We do restaurant business, Zam Zam Market. This is a family business. -Do you like working with your husband and you working with your wife? -We have a good understanding. We help each other. If he’s tired, he go home. I look after everything for him. [ […]

5 Essential Kitchen Tools From the Chefs of Konbi

hi there I’m Nick. I’m Akira. And we’re here at Konbi in Echo Park Konbi is a Japanese sandwich shop with market vegetables and French pastries. One of my favorite tools is the egg slicer. It’s German, I like nice things. I got it on Amazon. It’s very sturdy. Since opening, I’ve used it thousands […]

Kalen and Producer Matt Try Concession Food at an L.A. Clippers Game

Last year I sent two of my resident food experts to Minnesota State Fair. That of course is Kalen and my producer Matt, is a.k.a. pickle boy. And I thought it would be fun to have them try some local cuisine, so I sent them somewhere very exotic. Los Angeles Clippers game. And here’s what […]