10 Outrageously Expensive Fast Foods You Can’t Afford

If you have expensive tastes but love fast food then this list is for you some of the expensive fast foods do use flakes with edible gold leaf to make it extra expensive but that’s just cheating so take a look at our 10 outrageously expensive fast foods first thousand dollar breakfast 120 dollar prime […]

10 Biggest Fast Food FAILURES Of All Time!!!

Fast food items have the ability to become major hits like the Big Mac or the Baconator however sometimes the choices fast-food restaurants make are more flopper than whopper what did you get that gave it to me here are some of those very epic fails the 10 biggest fast-food failures of all time long […]


Sometimes you just want to go to some of the best fast food places but not eat artery clogging foods that will make you feel like a puffer fish and yet still hungry an hour later. That’s why you’d probably go ahead and order a salad but in many of these cases, you’re not aware […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Top 10 Famous Dishes

Most people who know Gordon Ramsay, know him as the angry chef who yells at people, swears a lot and is never happy with anything. But Gordon Ramsay is actually a really friendly guy with a real passion for food. All he wants to do is teach people how to make better food on their […]

The Definitive Fast Food Restaurant Tier List

If you love tier lists, you’ll really enjoy this one! The list features 10 tiers of fast-food restaurants. Every eatery on the list is worth visiting, but some are on a higher plateau. This comprehensive list is loaded with details about some of the tastiest fast-food joints around. Tier 10 Tier 10 isn’t the top […]

10 REGIONAL ONLY Fast Food Restaurants We Wish Were EVERYWHERE!!! (Part 3)

One of the great things about traveling across the country is discovering new foods. However, when the trip is over and we return home, we start to long for that fast food we had on vacation. Unlike fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, these restaurants are local or regionally specific. With that […]

10 Fast Food Menu Hacks That Will Save You Money

When you’re hungry and in a hurry, fast food is sometimes your only option. However, despite what some people might believe about fast food, it isn’t always that cheap. Especially if you want to upsize something or add extras like more meat and cheese. You just have to know a few of the valuable secrets about […]

10 Biggest Fast Food Failures Of All Time (Part 2)

In our lifetime, lots of things come and go. Just when you’re not looking, your favorite thing just vanishes and is quickly replaced with the next new thing. The same goes for our favorite fast food items. However, there is usually a good explanation for their disappearance, so here are the 10 Biggest Fast Food […]

Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss (Part 8)

Ah, discontinued food items. It’s heartbreaking when your favorite food items are no longer available. You never know when it’s going to happen, and not even the most popular, most delicious food items are immune. So, sit back and prepare for things to get a little nostalgic. Here are the top 10 discontinued foods we […]

10 Fast Food Menu Hacks That Will SAVE You Money (Part 2)

Want to get more for your hard-earned cash when you nosh on fast food? If so, you should check out these clever fast food menu hacks. The 10 Fast Food Menu Hacks That Will Save You Money (Part 2). Use Fast Food Chain Apps These days, so many people are opting for fast food delivery […]