Simon Baker Movies List

Simon Baker Movies List

Top 10 MOST Disgusting Kitchens On Hotel Hell

Hotels run the gamut from urban high class, to country inn, and on Hotel Hell, nothing is off limits. One of the most critical elements of a hotel is its food, which often puts a great hotel on the map. And this is why Gordon Ramsay is so critical to the show. Because one thing […]

Fake Food YOU Eat Every Day!

From wood pulp to pig rectum do you know what you are actually eating? Here are 10 examples of foods that are not what they might seem! #10 Prime Meat The prime cut meats that smaller restaurants and corporations sell are one of the biggest complaints that high-end chefs and physicians make. That’s because ‘prime […]

Most SHOCKING Things Found In Your Favorite Foods!

From venomous arachnids to human body parts, here are 11 shocking things found in people’s favorite foods! 11. Black Widow Boston resident Jorge Fuertes purchased a bag of Anthony’s brand red seedless grapes from a Whole Foods Market. Later, when he and his twenty-year-old son took a lunch break, they saw something strange in the […]

10 American Foods That Should Be Banned

There are foods that are healthy and there are foods that are Instagrammable. While most people working in the American food industry are in it for the sole reason of creating the best in the world of gastronomy, there are also those who have an extremely horrible sense of taste toying with some dreadful food […]

Restaurant Employees Admit Which Foods They’ll Never Order

– [Narrator] There’s an old saying that goes buyer beware, meaning that whenever you buy something, you’re taking a big risk. Still, we aren’t always aware of the risks when we buy stuff nowadays, especially when it comes to food at both gourmet and fast food outlets. We trust that they know what they’re doing […]

Top 10 Untold Truths Of Hell’s Kitchen!!!

Gordon Ramsay’s hit reality cooking competition show Hell’s Kitchen is one of the most challenging competition shows to be on. For starters, the contestants have got a furious Gordon Ramsay screaming sweary insults down their ears all the time. And then there’s the fierce competition with each other and the fact that the losers don’t […]

Top 10 Troy Baker Video Game Performances

he’s the voice behind some of modern gaming’s favorite characters how does one get into acting in videogames and the process is surprisingly simple step 1 save up your money buy a decent microphone and then wait for nolan north and i to die welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for […]

Top 10 Hell’s Kitchen WORST Signature Dishes!

As the name suggests, it’s a red-hot challenge to whip up a fabulous signature dish on Hell’s Kitchen. You never know what the cooks are going to prepare, and while some contestants create heavenly cuisine, other concoctions are downright evil. Host Gordon Ramsay is never one to hold back on making his opinion known, which […]

NHL stars share their best food cooking tips