Why was food in the 1960s/70s so experimental?

[UPBEAT MUSIC] This is definitely not like a salad I’ve ever eaten before. This is disgusting. Probably more like a dessert than a salad, to be honest with you. It’s got that, like, fake, sweet flavour but with, like, crunchy carrot. It’s not too bad. In some Australian kitchens some revolutionary food ideas were being […]

5 Food Hacks You Should Be Doing | You’re Doing It Wrong

– I just cut the paper. – This looks great, this is great. (laughs) – (FBE) You didn’t put it on the right way. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ So today, we’re gonna be showing you five foods that can be used in ways that you might not be expecting. – What does that mean? – […]

Cuisine bvc | Super delicious grilled fish

nhìn ngon không các bạn đây là thành quả của mình đó . các bạn nhớ theo dõi video nhé nhớ like share & subscribe để nhận video sớm nhất nhé đi tìm xem có cái gì mang về nấu ăn không đói quá rồi ơ có ốc ôi hỏng không ăn được kia có […]

5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #2

– This is how I eat my Oreos anyway. I’m glad to know at least I’m doing something right. – Ew! EW! Look! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, due to audience request on our previous video, we’re gonna show you five more foods you have been eating wrong. – Oh! No way! How […]

Brother vs Sister Superhero Pancake Art Challenge | Kids Cooking and Crafts

Hello everybody welcome back to kids cooking and crafts I’m Ava, and I’m Corbin and today We’re gonna do a sister versus brother pancake art challenge As you can tell this is going to be a superhero themed challenge so this is how it’s gonna work We’re gonna pick a superhero out of this Cup […]

Basic Pancake Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 276

i like to be doing some colouring and and i like to be doing some rainbow cupcakes and rainbow buttercream and i like to be doing some baking wth and i like to be doing smoked chicken on the Bqq one day i will show and kicking a Qouckka its not funny and its not […]

Ultimate Star Wars Galaxy Edge Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney World Treats

– You, traveler, what are you doing with that data pad? – Say hi! I’m just taking Insta stories, because it’s cute and fun. – We’ll allow it. – Okay. – But we’re watching. – Good morning, everyone. It’s bright and early in Batuu, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World. It is extremely early. […]

KFC Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich Review

So, KFC has just announced that they are gonna up the ante in the chicken-sandwich war by offering a fried-chicken-and-doughnut sandwich. And it’s only available in limited markets, Virginia and Pittsburgh. I’m just outside Richmond, in Powhatan, Virginia, at this KFC-Taco Bell combo, and I’m gonna give it a try. Could I get one fried-chicken-doughnut […]

Southern Man Tries Scottish Food

– Maybe I can interest in you in this as like a broker of peace. (suspenseful synth music) (laughing) Freedom. (upbeat bluegrass music) – Hey y’all, it’s Matt. And I am with– – Chris, me. Christopher Harress. – Christopher Harress. I am going to be trying Scottish snacks, treats. – Snox. They’re from Scotland, I […]