I INVENTED A NEW FOOD *cooking with Cameron*

Haha, so I did something I Just admit to something so freaking good and with genius I am the smartest intellectual on this planet My cooking skills are so on point right now. Like I’m so honestly proud of myself. I am so powerful Hi, I just invented a new food you might think it’s […]

How To Cook a 40oz Double Cut Ribeye Steak | Esquire

Buy the best beef that you can afford. Buy it thicker than thinner. Our 40oz Double Cut Ribeye is about 4 1/2 to 5 inch thick. People really enjoy it as being just an opulent over the top cut. So the first step in doing this is getting the chili rub made. First you put […]

Making a braided challah bread

Hey folks, today we’re going to do some bread. Em we’re gonna do something called challah which is traditionally a Jewish bread that’s eaten on Shabbat and also on Rosh Hashana appropriately so happy new year to all my Jewish friends out there and Rosh Hashanaa starts tonight for those who don’t know. This bread […]

A very short guide to making pancakes

Hey folks, I’m Eli_App_D and today we’re making pancakes! So today we’re talking pancakes and in the UK, or rather most of the UK, when people talk about pancakes the mean those really, really flat, paper thin crepes from France. Apart from Scotland however. Here in Scotland when we talk about pancakes, we mean these […]

Fit Cuisine

Arbeit, Fitness, Kochen, Einkaufen, Abspülen Da haben wir uns gedacht “Das muss anders gehen!” So sind wir auf Meal-Prep gekommen Wir möchten gesunde und transparente Gerichte verkaufen Fit Cuisine unterscheidet sich von den anderen Meal-Prep Gerichten durch ein hohes Maß an Flexibilität für den Kunden Der Vorteil ist, man muss unser Essen nicht vorbestellen Man […]

TEDxOU – Julia Ehrhardt – Cooking From Scratch

Translator: Jenny Lam-Chowdhury Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard Hi! I’m Julia Ehrhardt and I’m not a genius. I haven’t invented anything, designed anything, or ever run anything that’s ever won anything. I’ve never watched a TED talk and I don’t use PowerPoint when I give lectures. So, some of you are probably thinking right about now, “Hey, […]

Watch ‘Queer Eye’ Star Antoni Porowski Get Cheesy With This Delectable Platter

>>>That’s “Queer eye” Anthony new music video.>>Look at you.>>What is like.>>It’s an app.>>Thanks.>>You’re hanging out with Taylor Swift, you’re winning Emmy’s, life is good right now.>>Making cheese boards. Could be worse.>>It could be worse.>>Yeah.>>Let’s get started talk about “We get started”.>>Absolutely, this is a cheese board we started. Shameless plug. Out September 9th.>>New York Times […]

Cooking in the Dark 04 – Chocolate Swiss Roll – Alexander Banks

Hello, I’m Alexander Banks and today I’m Cooking in the Dark. Now, the rules are simple; I must prepare or cook a dish or dessert blindfolded, while a guest reads the recipe to me, all within a set time limit. The catch is that I have to eat what I make at the end, no […]

Canadians Try Canadian Food in Hong Kong (ft. Joyce Cheng 鄭欣宜)

The other day I was feeling a little homesick because I usually go back to Canada every summer and this year I’m not for several reasons and that got me thinking I’ve never been to or even seeing a Canadian restaurant here in Hong Kong So I looked at my options and there wasn’t that […]

Tradiční španělská paella s mořskými plody – #varimefit s KULTURISTIKA.COM

200ml vegetables broth 150g mussels Olive Oil 100g onion 100g calamari 100g peas 100g pepper 250g prawns 200g tomatoes without shuck 300g rice 400ml vegetables broth + mussels broth Red Pepper Salt + peppr Mussels