CHOCOLATE VS REAL! || Funny Food Challenges by 123 GO! GOLD

Okay girls it’s time to put your love of chocolate to the test! Come on, fork it over. Oh man! You’d better get those back Jess! Hopefully this next round is just what the doctor ordered. I wonder what kind of chocolate weren’t gonna get this time huh let’s just switch these around real quick […]

CHOCOLATE FOOD VS REAL || Yummy Food Challenges by 123 GO! GOLD

Hey girls! Hungry? One of these plates has a chocolate treat and the other … Well, you’ll see enjoy the smell like anything hmm all right let’s unveil these plates together 1 2 3 what a chocolate phone looks pretty real right can you tell which phone is chocolate and which one is real look […]


(Robby groans) – Where the heck am I!? What do I do? I need to find my way home. After somehow ending up in the middle of the desert once again, I found myself looking for a way home. I walked for hours and hours. I climbed mountains but then suddenly something magical happened. I […]

Trying 22 SIMPLE KITCHEN LIFE HACKS by 5 Minute Crafts

– Hey, guys how you doing? My name’s Robby and guess what time it is guys? Hoo, is it kazoo time? (upbeat kazoo music) (drums banging) Oops, ha, ha, ha, ha. No, Toby, it’s craft time. (flowing upbeat music) (man screaming) (flowing upbeat music) Avocado, check. Knife, check. Let’s cut this bad boy open. Yeah, […]

FUNNY SCHOOL SUPPLY DIYS || How to Sneak Gummy Food in Class with 123 GO! GOLD!

oh I can’t see what I’m doing perfect this hair clip will do let me just pull my hair back and clip it right in there no oh major clip fail oh man seriously this just isn’t my day is it ooh sorry girl that’s a bummer if you ever have a classroom clip conundrum […]

DIY Lazy Food Hacks EVERY Person Should Know!

Hello there I’m Natalie and I love food mmm food and I were practically homies, pals, besties, I mean… lovers. Shhhh don’t tell Denis, Hey, I heard that Raise your hand if you’re in a committed relationship with food. I know I am. I’m gonna show you my go-to lazy food hacks That’s gonna make […]

This ADORABLE Grandmother is Going VIRAL For COOKING Tutorials

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up this Adorable grandma may be the Cure you’re looking for and don’t forget you’re watching. What’s trending? Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more social media news daily Dona Angela lives on a ranch in Mexico and decided to start sharing her recipes in a video series […]

Kitchen Utensil Storage: How to Organize Kitchen Gadgets

Hi, I’m organizing and lifestyle expert Lorie Marrero and today we’re going to talk about kitchen utensils and gadgets. I have drawers overflowing with these things. Let’s talk about how to get these under control, how to think about them differently. Mainly people make this one mistake with kitchen utensils and that is there are […]

Griffon in the Kitchen – How to make ramen noodles – IN THE MICROWAVE!!!

Hi everyone welcome back to cooking in the kitchen with Griffon today we’re gonna be learning how to make instant ramen before we get started cooking your instant ramen you always want to wash your hands first it is very important to remember (Clap, clap) all right you’re going to open up the instant ramen […]

10 Genius Food Hacks

10 genius food hacks and tricks 1: Balloon Jar Trick Okay I found an old jar of pickled ginger in the back, it’s actually expired but let’s pretend it’s not and let’s pretend I lost the lid and let’s pretend I can’t find a Tupperware box to put this in but I want to store […]