This is a behind the scenes video today we are not really going anywhere its ok do not worry. Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen hope you are well today we are testing some more kitchen gadgets, we have 3 today we have got the can colander very excited by […]

Mutton Cooking 煲壹鍋羊肉粉絲湯,炒壹份孜然羊排;入冬降溫,暖暖的在家追劇吧~ | Summer Kitchen/夏廚陳二十【262】

It should be soaked for 2 hours after it is cleaned. Put the mutton into the pot with water. Remove the foams Ginger, leeks. Red dates Sichuan Pepper, White Pepper Simmer for one hour Lamb chop Water Ginger, leeks. Liquor Light soy sauce Remove the form Simmer for 45 minutes Starch Fry them until they […]

Student Kitchen Essentials for University | Studentpad

Hi Students, So today, I thought I’d take you through a few of my kitchen essentials for University. Now this is not stuff like cups and saucers and plates and things like that, you guys should have pretty much covered them, but here are a few extra bits that I found that I can’t live […]