– Hello, everybody. Hello, Mrs. Barry. – Hello. – How are you? – I’m fine. How are you? – I’m good, I’m good. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, today Mrs Barry and I will be trounced, that’s not even a word, what do I want? – Trounced? We’re doing a kitchen hack video today. – […]

JALEBI CHALLENGE | #Recipe #Swiggy #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand #CookWithNisha

Last time I did Roti Making Challenge which you all liked the most we all loved hot served Jalebi in Winters so here I am today with an awesome Jalebi Challenge Jalebi bater of flowing consistency is ready here for the challenge Ghee is heated and sugar syrup too is ready so first she will […]

Kitchen Hacks To Stop Onion Tears & Work Faster While Cooking

Whether its tears shed over onions or wasted vegetables, we’re here with tips and tricks to help with all your kitchen woes. Sometimes you only need a few pieces of cucumber. To keep the rest of it fresh, stick the top back on with a toothpick. Ladyfingers release a sticky sap that can make everything […]

20 Tasty Food Hacks and Easy DIY Kitchen Crafts to Make Your Day!

What’s wrong, Madison? Ah, it seems for some of us the flu season is the whole year round… And to make matters worse you just ran out of lemon tea! Go figure! Take half a lemon and… ouch! Wow, that was a bad idea the juice went right into your eye… You think the next […]

Surprising Reaction With Dish Soap and Glowsticks

Hey guys! I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop. You may notice that I’m sitting around in the dark today, and that’s because today We’re gonna be doing some experiments with glow sticks. We’ve got a huge selection of different glow sticks right here, And we’re gonna see what we can learn about them just […]

10 AMAZING AND USEFUL KITCHEN TIPS AND TRICKS IN HINDI (Part 1) | 10 उपयोगी किचन टिप्स को ज़रूर देखे

namaste and welcome to my kitchen where anyone can cook I’m ashu and in today’s episode I’m sharing with you all: Kitchen tips! that I have learnt over the years with experience to be honest, I have quite a lot more, but we’re keeping this video short so i’ve added only a few if you […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 14 – Mrs Barry special

5 Food Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed (Ft. YouTubers) | You’re Doing It Wrong

– Oh, that’s crazy. – This is actually really cool. – As though this is what normal people do with yogurt. – Oh, wow. That TOTALLY worked! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, today, we’re going to be showing you five foods that you can use without eating. – I can use without eating? […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 13