10 Fast Food Hacks You Didn’t Know About

How to Make the Best Brownies From a Boxed Mix | Food Hacks with Claire

– Some pieces are a little bigger than the others. That’s okay, those are for me. (cheerful music) Box mix brownies are the best brownies around. They always bake up all shiny on the top, chewy and crispy on the edges, and fudgey in the center. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get […]

5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #5 (Ft. YouTubers)

– This is the best React video you’ve ever seen. – Nothing falls out! It’s amazing! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are going to be showing you five foods that you have been eating wrong. – Oh, come on! You don’t even know how I’ve been eating these foods. Don’t be […]

Kitchen Hack Testing #9

5 Viral Kitchen Hacks TESTED Hit or Myth?

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon and today we are going to put some kitchen hacks to the test to see if they are a Hit or a Myth. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and press that bell so you get notified of new uploads. Hack Number 1: Says if […]

8 Incredibly Simple Kitchen Hacks

– [Voiceover] You’ve clicked on eight incredibly simple kitchen hacks, a finely curated list of culinary exploits. So slap on your chef hat and buckle your apron, cause there aren’t enough cooks in this kitchen. Are you one of those fine, upstanding individuals who struggles with chopsticks? No worries, save yourself a little embarrassment by […]

Cooking Hamburgers With Thermite 🍔🔥

This video was sponsored by blue apron purveyors of fresh ingredients and quality recipes delivered right to your door I’ve put a link in the description so you can sign up and get fresh food delivered to your house And if you’re one of the first hundred today, you’ll get three meals on your first […]

30 Foods You’ve Been Storing All Wrong

40% – that’s how much of the food you buy ends up getting tossed right in the garbage. 40%! The culprit: improper storage. Let’s see what conditions best protect some common products in the kitchen, and save you some money! And if you have some examples of your own, leave them down below! 1. Tomatoes […]

7 Sweet and Quick Kitchen Tricks

Say it’s 3 AM and you want a donut, or you’re craving toast but there’s no butter. And what are you gonna do with the half and half that Jerk Terry H. left behind? Just kidding. Happy 65th Papa Hacker. These problems solved and others created today on Household Hacker. Let’s get down to brass […]

How to Make a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme at Home | Fast Food Dupes with Claire

(bright relaxing music) – I would never speak ill of my BFF Taco Bell, but you know what’s even better than a Crunchwrap Supreme? A crunch-hack supreme. I’m gonna show you how to dupe your way to a better version. The key to making a truly transcendent Crunchwrap lies in treating your beef correctly and […]