Annoying Orange – Gaming Grape (feat. Brock Baker & Kevin Brueck)

– Hey guys, uh, I got a question. Do you know how to work this thing? – What? A football? – Yeah. Like is there an on switch or something? – I don’t play a lot of sports, but you must not play any sports. – My mom’s making me get some fresh air out […]

LGR – The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff Review

(jazz music and IBM Model F keyboard sounds) It’s that time again, somehow. Time for another Sims 4 stuff pack! This one being “Cool Kitchen Stuff” the third stuff pack for the Sims 4. Uh, let’s get real here for a second This is the third stuff pack for the Sims 4 to come out […]

Roblox: ESCAPE the AMAZING KITCHEN Obby!! [Annoying Orange]

(energetic music) (laughing) – [Annoying Orange] Heyo it’s A to the O back at you with another game video. Look where we’re at, what’s the game? It’s Roblox. Yeah, that’s right. Today we are going to escape the amazing kitchen, which to be honest, that’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a very […]

Najluđa Kopija Pubga – Cuisine Royale

Kroz reke, kroz gore i daljine, mećavu, vatru i crni dim, vozismo mašine, prolazili mine, po stazi, po putu frontovskim… Eh putu, stazo frontovksa, ne plaše nas bombardovanja. A umirati, još je rano, Još kod kuće posla imamo.

Let’s Play: Baker | FULL EPISODE | ZeeKay Junior

We’re going to get fit. Oh What’s wrong my hair keeps getting in my eyes. I can’t see anything What are you try out for something good idea you carry on and I’ll catch you up order Ariane so don’t go time just kind of find something to tie my hair up with this is […]

COOKING MY FRIENDS?! | Cooking Simulator

– [Narrator] Who wants some propane pie? It’s gonna be so delicious! Yeah Whoo Ga hahooo! (video game music) (laughs) Hey yo it’s A to the O back again with another game video! Here we’re playing cooking simulator. Hot dog! My food friends. I get the feeling I’m gonna have to murder some of my […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Cooking Mama 4 on my Nintendo 3DS. And, I love this game! And I’m so excited because Cooking Mama 5 – Bon Appetite, is coming out. So I thought, in honor of the game coming out, let’s make a […]

Toca Kitchen! [Annoying Orange Plays]

(narrator laughs) – Alright, what do you think, buddy? Did you like it? Oh, ugh, you sneezed on me! (upbeat electronic music) (narrator maniacal laugh) Hey yo, we’re back with another game video! And we are playing a game called Toca Kitchen! Ooh, I wonder what this is, I’ve never played this game. Whoa, look […]

Retro Replay W/ Nolan North, Troy Baker, & Michael Rooker

(electronic music) – Spider Man (laughing) what did you do? – Oh crap. – Tell ’em he’s been swinging there for a while. – I just told him. – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. – For you I swing. Oh no, geez. – T.K.O. Are you shitting me? – Yeah. – Anid, help I’m falling. – […]

Troy Baker | Actor de Doblaje en Videojuegos | Entrevistas Press Over

Brent’s over press over say hello to all my friends at press / hi okay are you afraid of God I’m afraid of you in Altamonte cantina Game Show Pissarro muchas cosas que podemos and return elector they wore a vacant Hagen person Rockefeller little eyelashes interpreter so have a I’ve been fortunate enough to […]