Grilled Apricot Salad | Gennaro Contaldo | Jamie Cooks Italy

Hi lovely people! I am so excited! Very very excited! Today we’re gonna make this fantastic salad from the book Jamie Cooks Italy. A fantastic grilled apricot salad with lovely mozzarella on top with fantastic onions, with lovely prosciutto. You’re gonna love it. Just so good! So let me show how to do it. I […]

Mustard Greens Sour Soup Recipe – Cooking Soup – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i going to cook mustard green soup with fish anabas testudineus snakehead fish a little shrimp fresh tamarind garlic galanga fresh tamarind leaves kaffir lime leaves rice paddy lemon grass leaves mustard green and other ingredients fish paste salt soup powder sugar fish sauce

Gongura Rice | Mesta Rice | Sorrel leaves fried rice| KitchenCooking

Gongura (Sorrel leaves) – 150 grams Ghee – 3 spoons Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon Bengal gram – 2 spoons Red Chillies – 7 Peanuts – 0.5 cup Chopped Green Chillies – 2 Cashew nuts – to taste Turmeric – 1 teaspoon Curry leaves – 15 to 20 Cumin seeds – 1 teaspoon Saute – […]

Sesbania Grandiflora Sour Soup Recipe – Cooking Vegetable hummingbird – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i cook sesbania grandiflora sour soup recipe leaves and flower and this is flower white and red then have natural fish crabs fresh chili fresh tamarind lemon grass leaves rice paddy herb turmeric and kaffir lime leaves see me do it together my other ingredients is fish paste salt sugar

Gongura Chicken | Andhra గోంగూర కోడికూర | Sorrel Leaves | Teluginti Homemaker (In Telugu 2019)

Gongura / Sorrel Leaves

Leaf Screen for Gutters

some people could first spring or fall but it’s hard to deny the fall is beautiful orange red and yellow leaves gliding down to cover the ground creates a perfect setting for an afternoon’s play but what about when a storm clouds begin to roll in and the rain starts to fall those same pretty […]

Cooking Tips : How to Pick Rosemary

To select rosemary find a stem that’s got some really nice green leaves to it. The leaves should be firmly attached to the stem and there should be no brown or black spots on the leaves. Rosemary’s got a very fragrant smell to it. However sometimes the leaves can tend to be a little bit […]

Rice Tolma Recipe – Armenain Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves – Armenain Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

10 kg Big Fish Recipe Cooking By Our Grandpa | Big Fish Curry Donating to Orphans

Loving , Caring , Sharing This is my family We are cooking 10kg fish Salt for taste Turmeric powder Red chilly powder Coriander leaves Preparing tamarind juice for fish curry Oil Onions Green chilly Tamarind juice Salt to taste Red chilly powder Coriander powder cinnamon cardamom Curry leaves Coconut powder Ginger Garlic Paste coriander leaves […]