Ann Baker Who’s doing the thinking?

>>Ann Baker Who’s doing the Thinking? >>Mathematics>>making it real ‘BRINGING MATHS TO LIFE’ >>ACTIVE LISTENING>>CREATING THE HOOK >>Making student thinking VISIBLE>>Professional LEARNING COMMUNITIES >>Shared SUCCESS>>Students exploring their REASONING. >>So… Who’s Doing the THINKING?>>Ann Baker >>Education Consultant>>Have I ever told you about my radiator story? When I started teaching in London? I had this class of […]

Crowdfunding for a Community Kitchen in Brighton

Since 2003, we’ve helped more than 10,000 people to learn to cook, to learn to grow food, to learn to eat a healthier diet and to waste less food. Mainly in community venues, which to be honest weren’t built for this purpose so we’ve had to be really creative. And it’s worked. We’ve had a […]

Anton – Commercial Cookery Apprentice

[MUSIC]>>INTERVIEWER: Hi Anton, thanks for doing the interview today.>>ANTON: You’re welcome.>>Could you please let me know what qualification you’re doing?>>Certificate III in commercial cookery.>>Great. And the employer that you’re working with at the moment – how did you get your job?>>Through a friend whose uncle owned a cafe and that’s how I got into the […]

How learning German taught me the link between maths and poetry | Harry Baker | TEDxVienna

Translator: Nadine Hennig Reviewer: Robert Tucker I applied to university to study medicine but switched courses to do maths so that I would have more time to write poetry. (Laughter) Thank you for laughing at my life choices. (Laughter) (Applause) And, apart from one of the first poems I wrote, being a love poem about […]

Baker College: BeMore

Who are you? Think about it. Is who you are now who you were meant to be? At Baker College we want to help you be more. More curious, more productive, more effective, and be more successful at it all. We can help you be more prepared for the future and more inspiring to future […]

Meet Brad Lukas – Hospital Administrator and Baker Graduate

Beaumont Troy is a magnet facility that’s one of the highest recognition that a hospital can have. Our O.R. is really busy we have a very busy emergency room hundred thousand visits one of the busiest in this area. Emergency room, the best E.R. in the state. I think it’s perfecting my craft as a […]

What does cookery mean?

What does cookery mean? cookery. Noun 1. The art and practice of preparing food for consumption, especially by the application of heat; cooking. For example, Henry was not very good at cookery and most of his meals ended up burned. 2. (obsolete) ; A delicacy; a dainty. 3. (obsolete) ; Cooking tools or apparatus. 4. […]

Cooking Sous Vide: Beyond the Basics

RAINBOW EDITION Play Doh Desserts Super Video!

hey everyone all four kids here and today we're gonna do some play-doh art yeah what are we making we're gonna make some play-doh rainbow Oreos before we begin let's grab all of our play-doh cans oh just pop it on knowhere oh nice okay so what you need to do is create a stamp […]

Native Speaker Mercedes in the Kitchen LightSpeed Spanish

i qué buenas tardes para la mujer que está bien y vosotros qué tal muy bien muy bien pues aquí estamos en tu cocina qué haces pues mira vamos a prepararle a sebastián a mi nieto una tortilla francesa y las patatas fritas que es una de las cosas que más le gustan a él […]