Cake Decorator Vs. Artist

– Just look at her hands and my hands, that’s the difference here. (drums) – I’ve been making cakes for 8 years. How is this a contest? – Well, Bree has the techniques, but does she have the creativity? I don’t think so. – I am a professional cake decorator and owner of Bree’s Cakes […]

How To Decorate A Birthday Cake- The Bitchin’ Baker- Walker County

Welcome to our Channel. I’m Sophie hat Walker County and I’m turning 21 loose And so I decided to make my own birthday cake Such a loser So this cake is so easy it’s ridiculous So I’m gonna walk you through the steps to get this amazing cake, and then we’re gonna eat it at […]

Best Chocolate Cake Hacks Ideas 2019 🎂 How To Make Chocolate Cake Recipes

Best Chocolate Cake Hacks Ideas 2019 🎂 How To Make Chocolate Cake Recipes

Layer cake chocolat avec Hervé cuisine ! (Gâteau à 6 étages)

bonjour et bienvenue dans cette roulette aujourd'hui c'est la 100e du coup j'ai un invité un peu spécial bonjour hervé salutaire et bonjour à tous alors hervé il a une chaîne youtube cr les cuisines je vous invite à aller la voir et aujourd'hui on va cuisiner ensemble mais qu'est ce qu'on va préparer coûte […]

The Ultimate Rainbow Cake Recipe! | Cupcake Jemma

hello and welcome back to my kitchen at home now before we get started I just want to say a quick thank you to Squarespace for supporting this video Squarespace offers a complete all-in-one platform to help create websites and even online stores and you can check them out and take advantage of a unique […]