How To Paint A Kitchen Benchtop

I’m Nick. And today we’re going to rejuvenate this bench top. Painting your bench top doesn’t require a lot of skill. You don’t need a [inaudible] It’s really quite easy. Anyone can do it. ♪ [music] ♪ So, the new Dulux Renovation Range is a fantastic product that is water-based and is going to assist […]

How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

I’m Natalie and I’m going to be showing you how to refresh these old kitchen cabinets and make them into something beautiful. The materials we’re going to be using for this DIY is Selleys Sugar Soap, a Dulux Renovator Range for cabinets and doors, and a Plastic and Laminate Primer. So the first thing we’ve […]

How granite countertops took over American kitchens

“Yeah, I like the granite countertop!” Wait a second. No, no, no, no… listen, listen. Your granite countertop’s: beautiful. My counters are awful. But the hype is a little over the top. “I love this granite countertop. I like it, I like it very much.” That’s good you like it. But if you watch these […]

How to Clean Kitchen Counters!

Cleaning the kitchen counter is something we do just about every day. Yet there are some special ninja/wizard techniques that I can teach you to make the task of cleaning your kitchen counter faster and as close to perfection as you’re probably ever going to get it. I’ve spent eight years figuring out the best […]

How granite countertops took over American kitchens

yeah I like the granite countertop any countertop a granite countertop the granite granite granite granite granite I like the granite countertop wait a second aren't granite countertops just a little overrated no no no no listen listen your granite countertops beautiful my counters are awful but the hype is a little over the top […]