Giant Iron plate Tteokbokki – Korean street food [ENG SUB]

This is rice cake. It’s called ‘tteok’. She’s putting fish cake soup in. She is putting soy sauce soup for fish cake skewers. This is soy sauce. This is fish cake. This is red pepper paste. It’s called ‘gochujang’. Gochujang is a common sauce used in Korean food. Its taste is spicy, but it is […]

Korean TRADITIONAL Market Street Food Tour in Seoul

*Calm Music* Welcome to Tongin market where you can find everything from shoes to clothing and of course delicious food *Piano Music But what makes this place really unique? Is that most of the food stalls here instead of accepting this they accept well these tokens. And how it works is that you come here […]

KOREAN STREET FOOD at Mangwon Market in Seoul

BOTH: Annyeong chingu! MINA: Today we are at Mangwon market. It’s my first time here. How about you? MOMMY OH: Yeah. First time. MINA: We’re not sure exactly what’s in store, but I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be some street food. We took exit two from Mangwon station and turned right onto World Cup 13 […]

Korean Food : An introduction to Korean Cuisine

Today we’re having another soup – Budae Jjigae. I’m hungry. Rawr! Today we are having Budae Jjigae. Budae Jjigae is not Korean traditional food. It was invented after the Korean war when American food (like spam and hotdogs) were very abundant. Apparently, it originated from an area we’ve been to before, Songtan. The ingredients in […]

REAL Authentic Korean Street Food!!

since it’s 4/20 hi guys I’m some girl mangas finally the life in Korea season 3 has just begun oh yes I know a lot of you are waiting for new season of Li Ka and the first stop in Korea will be mangwon market in Mapo Seoul old man wan market is known for […]

17kg Giant Octopus / Pohang Korea / Korean Street Food / 17kg 대왕문어 / 포항 죽도어시장

Does it look good on screen? Holy Cow! Good, God! Japanese love taking pictures. Like this. Let them see my face! There are no small octopuses in my shop. They’re all huge. (Is this different from that?) Yeah, It’s different. See, This one is red. When you look closely this area should not be thin. […]

Korean Street Food – NETFLIX SEOUL – I Ate Everything From the Episode! | Gwangjang Market!

(chopping and traffic bustling) – [Female Food Vendor] – Oh. (footsteps) (mellow bass guitar music and sirens) – We gotta go on the side of the wall at this point. Think we can make it. (sirens) At the Dongdaemun Gate, this is where they took a lot of the B-roll from the episode and I […]

KOREAN STREET FOOD – Gwangjang Market Street Food Tour in Seoul South Korea | BEST Spicy Korean Food

What’s up and welcome guys we’re Luke and Sabrina with chopsticks travel calm and today We’re at the legendary guangzhong market here in Seoul South Korea. Let’s go So this is our first time ever here in South Korea And we arrived extremely late last night and didn’t get a chance to eat But we […]

9 Course TRADITIONAL Korean ROYAL Cuisine (What Korean Emperors Ate)

Hey guys, one of my favorite things to do in Korea is visit the palaces because I’m infatuated with history. I love looking at the beautiful ancient architecture, I love seeing how daily life used to function, and I’m really curious What did they eat back then? So today I’m gonna find out, but to […]