My Fiance Eats Korean Food For The First Time! | SLICE n RICE ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿš

Wassup Ninjas! This is SLICE and RICE! If you’re new to the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you can become a Ninja. So, as part of this Korean series, We wanted to try something a little bit different And I thought of this, and then I instantly regretted it WHAT ARE […]

Donโ€™t call it fusion: The story of Korean-Chinese cuisine| Fork the System

If you’ve watched any Korean drama or movies, chances are you’ve seen these noodles. or black bean noodles, is arguably one of the most beloved dishes in South Korea. As many as six million bowls are sold every day according to some Korean news reports. And we believe it. Koreans even have a designated day […]

[ํ•œ-์บ ์ปคํ”Œ] Cooking w/ Korean Mother in Law | Galbi-jiim (Korean Braised Short Ribs) ์‹œ์–ด๋จธ๋‹ˆ์—๊ฒŒ ๊ฐˆ๋น„์ฐœ ๋ฐฐ์šฐ๊ธฐ!

Cooking Papa Matt’s Egg Rice (Eng-subbed)

Today’s dish is super simple Let’s make egg rice and this is for myself preheat the pan first olive oil oops, the pan is overheated too hot you’re going to use soy sauce later so just little bit of salt here prepare some rice this way, you can place rice on a plate nicely actually […]

Korean Street Food – GIANT OCTOPUS Seoul Seafood

hello its me i was looking for spagetti

Philippines traditional healthy food, Bulalo [Battle Trip / 2017.01.29]

It’s time to eat. – What will they eat? / – You can’t forget… – About food. / – Now it begins. (It’s their first Christmas in summer) It’s finally time to eat dinner. I’m hungry. Look at the Christmas decorations. Is this what we’re eating? Everything looks good. This is traditional Filipino cuisine. This […]

J.Fla – Vlog #3 ( Cooking ) Eng sub

*claps* Hey guys! If you didn’t get the chance to see the cover… ..i did last week Please, go check it out. I was trying to think of what to do, for todays vlog. And i decided on cooking! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really love eating! So i thought cooking would be good. Actually, i eat at […]

i made tteokbokki ๋–ก๋ณถ์ด (korean spicy rice cakes) | cooking with nina

hello why am i always too tall for the camera hello my friends it’s nina and today we are back in the kitchen if you watched a couple of my videos you would know that i moved and that this is not the kitchen that you guys are used to welcome to my new kitchen […]

Elisa’s Cooking class: Korean Arepa

[Music] hi everyone how are you welcome to my channel today here in Kyoto there’s a typhoon outside it’s a rainy day so I was thinking what can I do today I’m going to call my best friend Jin she is Korea and she lives here with me she’s my own knee which in Korean […]

Korean TRADITIONAL Market Street Food Tour in Seoul

*Calm Music* Welcome to Tongin market where you can find everything from shoes to clothing and of course delicious food *Piano Music But what makes this place really unique? Is that most of the food stalls here instead of accepting this they accept well these tokens. And how it works is that you come here […]