How to pronounce CHURRO in Spanish.

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR KITCHEN TAP – Monobloc Mixer – Plumbing Tips

–, honest reviews and advice. Hold tight and welcome to today’s video. My name’s James. Today, we’re gonna have a look at or kind of revisit a video on how to change a kitchen tap. The one we’ve got in the background here has basically fallen to pieces. The guy who lives (mumbles) […]


– Hello, if you’ve been lucky enough to stumble across this video all about how to change a kitchen sink and tap over from start to finish, then great. We’re going to be looking into that any second now. Before we do, I’d like to ask you to please subscribe to our videos and […]

KITCHEN SINK WASTE – How To Install Step by Step

– Hey guys, welcome to today’s UK video. And my name is James. Today we’re gonna be having a look at the peril that you can sometimes get, as you can see, when you are trying to do the instal of a kitchen sink. Now we’re gonna be looking at a bowl and half […]

Interview with Mona Baker

Good morning. -Good morning. We’re here today with Mona Baker, Professor Emerita of Translation Studies at the University of Manchester. Thank you for having us. -Thank you for the interview. Professor Baker, Translation Studies, how did it emerge? And how has it evolved in the last decade? It’s a difficult question because it goes back […]


hey fatty tonight I'm gonna teach you fat fuckin pigs ought to get ripped ripped kids go fuckin discipline so right off the bat I'm gonna go through a bunch of fuckin fasting routines but more importantly what where are you act ok what's your fucking goal because everyone's a little bit different with their […]

Matanglawin: Dessert Museum

but a mr. paljah magas pops up unless an opinion vodka back then Sarah a poem about breathable desert of in life sister so myself I Omega a sugar rush Sepideh above in desert museum Zubaydah penis we offer mr. Raymond my and you know what food any pictures sometimes I even Instagram of vodka […]

The Best 16 Food Tube Recipes Ever! | #FRD2014

word up foodtubers food revolution day 2014 is here it's all about getting kids and adults the world over into cooking and sharing their love of food and inspiring others to get excited too we've got 16 great recipes for both grownups and kids which are so easy for you to make at home all […]

Skills and Competencies for Public Health

what skills and competencies do you need to be effective in public health and in global health stay tuned and find out hi my name is Greg Martin and this is the third in a four-part series on careers in global health of the four however this is by far the most important so stay […]