The Carriage House Cooking School – Cooking on the Adirondack Coast

Hi I’m Kristy Kennedy, Director of Tourism for the Adirondack Coast, and right now we’re at the Carriage House Cooking School located on the outskirts of Peru, New York in the heart of the Adirondack Park. Fun place to come if you’re really interested in agritourism and all the food of our land. Chef Curtis […]

Cooked Fried Potatoes

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make cooked fried potatoes that make a great side dish. First wash well the potatoes to remove any dirt from the skin. Next, peel the skin and remove any spots or bad parts of the potatoes. This way prepared potatoes will make an excellent side dish for […]

How to SAUTE IN WATER | Fiona’s Food for Life

Today I’m going to show you how to saute in water. So say, for example, you’re cooking off onions, garlic, and ginger For a healthier version, rather than adding in oil you can add in water what you do is you add about one and a half centimeters of water to the bottom of the […]


we are sorted a group it mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way we've got chefs we've got normals and a whole world of stuff for you to explore that everything we do starts with you good morning I'm […]

The ultimate lemonade scones recipe & how to make perfect scones every time

hi I'm Bridget Davis of the internet ship and you're watching another episode of the internet ship TV where in this episode I'm going to teach you how to make what I believe is the simplest the easiest scholarsphere in the world it requires three ingredients well three and a half ingredients technically and a […]

Cooking Tips: How To Tenderize ANY Meat!

hi everyone welcome to souped-up recipes as you all know naturally tender cut of me tend to be more expensive serving meat on a budget can be a challenge today I'm going to talk about how to tenderize meat before cooking which including cutting pounding and marinating after watching this video I'm sure you will […]