Wolf Range Buyers Guide | The Luxury Standard for Your Kitchen [REVIEW]

Hi this is John with Designer Appliances. Wolf ranges are one of the most recognizable luxury appliances in the world. With their signature red knobs and pro style design, they make an impact in any kitchen layout. But Wolf ranges are so much more than just a visual centerpiece. In this video, we’ll walk you […]

An interior stylist reveals where she splurged and saved on her kitchen remodel

Hi, I’m Jaclyn Colville, an interior stylist in Burlington, Ontario, and welcome to my kitchen. So of course, with every project, I start on Pinterest, and I found this kitchen that I absolutely fell in love with. It had a navy island, so that was my number one when it came to designing my own […]

Tearing Out The Kitchen | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #11 | Demolition

well today’s the day you’ve probably been waiting for and we have really dreaded the most today’s today we tear out all of our kitchen cabinets countertops sink dishwasher and effectively shut down the kitchen so the plan of action is to start by taking the easiest cabinet out first that’s the one beside the […]

Stunning Melbourne Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen was good for 20 years. It was a timber kitchen, it was very small and it was a separate kitchen. It was pokey before, the kitchen was on its own, so if you were ever cooking you’re kind of tucked up there on your own and away from what the family was doing. […]

An oak-all-over 80s kitchen gets a timeless remodel

Welcome, we’re in Waterloo, Ontario today, which is about one hour outside of Toronto. I’m Kendra Bester from Kendra Bester Design and today we’re going to show you how we revamped this gorgeous kitchen to transform it from that 80s, dark oak to something that is white and airy and bright, and something that you’re […]

Change the Kitchen Layout! | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #21

hey guys and welcome to Green Acre Homestead. I’m Angela and we’re in the middle of a budget mobile home kitchen renovation. Yesterday we got new cabinets but today we’ve changed our minds. Last night we kind of mocked up the kitchen and we were looking at it and talking about countertops and stuff and […]

🏠House Vlog: Kitchen Renovation Part 1 🏠

– Hello and welcome back to another renovation vlog. And today is gonna be basically revolved all around the kitchen. Our idea for the kitchen was to kind of play on the white kitchen, but kind of add in some other types of elements, for example island cupboards or cabinets, they’re not cupboards, cabinets, they’re […]

Experience the Curio Difference! | Kitchens by Curio

Here, at Kitchens by Curio, “We build works of art that work”. So, when it comes to remodeling your home, you need a company you can trust. Since 1974, we’ve built our reputation as the region’s leading kitchen and bathroom modelers. From concept to completion, you can rest assured our high-quality products, and unrivaled craftsmanship […]

How To Paint A Kitchen Benchtop

I’m Nick. And today we’re going to rejuvenate this bench top. Painting your bench top doesn’t require a lot of skill. You don’t need a [inaudible] It’s really quite easy. Anyone can do it. ♪ [music] ♪ So, the new Dulux Renovation Range is a fantastic product that is water-based and is going to assist […]