Apartment Design – Modern Kitchen

See a selection of photos of modern kitchens ranging from 5 to 20 square meters in the interiors of real apartments and houses. See a selection of photos of modern kitchens ranging from 5 to 20 square meters in the interiors of real apartments and houses. See a selection of photos of modern kitchens ranging […]

An interior stylist reveals where she splurged and saved on her kitchen remodel

Hi, I’m Jaclyn Colville, an interior stylist in Burlington, Ontario, and welcome to my kitchen. So of course, with every project, I start on Pinterest, and I found this kitchen that I absolutely fell in love with. It had a navy island, so that was my number one when it came to designing my own […]

Tearing Out The Kitchen | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #11 | Demolition

well today’s the day you’ve probably been waiting for and we have really dreaded the most today’s today we tear out all of our kitchen cabinets countertops sink dishwasher and effectively shut down the kitchen so the plan of action is to start by taking the easiest cabinet out first that’s the one beside the […]

Experience the Curio Difference! | Kitchens by Curio

Here, at Kitchens by Curio, “We build works of art that work”. So, when it comes to remodeling your home, you need a company you can trust. Since 1974, we’ve built our reputation as the region’s leading kitchen and bathroom modelers. From concept to completion, you can rest assured our high-quality products, and unrivaled craftsmanship […]

Make It Yours – Season 1 – Kitchen and Dining with @hausofcruze

♪ [music] ♪ – [Az] I’m Az. – [Jamie] And I’m Jamie, and we’re from the Haus of Cruz. – We’re interior designers and stylists… – And digital content creators. – And out of every single room in that house, we’ve got…I reckon it’s the best money. We have arrived. Knock, knock, knock. Whoa… – […]

How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

I’m Natalie and I’m going to be showing you how to refresh these old kitchen cabinets and make them into something beautiful. The materials we’re going to be using for this DIY is Selleys Sugar Soap, a Dulux Renovator Range for cabinets and doors, and a Plastic and Laminate Primer. So the first thing we’ve […]

How To Install: A Kitchen Faucet

Replacing our updating your kitchen faucet is a great way to introduce new design elements to your kitchen. Today we’re going to show you how to update your kitchen faucet. Here’s some tools you’re going to need to get the job done; A basin wrench. Adjustable wrenches. New supply lines. Plumber’s tape. A work light. […]

Small Kitchen Renovations

hi so today we’re visiting one of our one of our recent projects that we finished a couple of months ago this is Pauls kitchen I wanted to start from the fridges and this is the the first kitchen where there was a big debate regarding the space of the kitchen and the size of […]

Poor Man’s DIY Project – Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

We just refinished our cabinets hello everyone in cyber world welcome back to another video I’m Richard also known as Poor Man And I’m Jennifer also known as Mrs. Poor Man and today we’re going to show you how we did our kitchen cabinet makeover okay this kitchen cabinet makeover was done the poor man’s […]