About Commercial Kitchen Designs and Equipment: Kitchen Sanitation and Codes – Part 2

In this video, we’re going to talk about commercial kitchen design and commercial kitchen equipment. Good morning, nice to speak to you again. Good morning. Now, I’m not a lawyer. You’re not a lawyer. I’m not trying to say this is something people should sort of you know that this is the whole truth and […]

Kitchen Design Overview 2 – Staron Solid Surfaces by Sublime Architectural Interiors

Surrounded by a subtropical ancient rainforest, this intriguing home was designed by Kim Duffin of Sublime Architectural Interiors One of the main design objectives for this project was that it was to blend with the beautiful landscape that it was located in the kitchen needed to reflect the style and mood of what was created […]

Latest beautiful Modular kitchen design / countertop,wall, wall tiles, floor ,hub

hello guys, Welcome to my channel “Marble Guruji Jitendra Sharma” in this video, I will show you modular kitchen design. classic batch Italian marble in flooring tiles have installed at the wall. comment me and tell that how is the design. if you are new on this channel then please don’t forget to subscribe to […]

Matthew Quinn Designs A Kitchen That Works For You | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

– [Carisha] We’ve all imagined it, if you could build your dream house, what would that look like? A space that inspires you, calms you and ultimately helps you live your best life. We’ve asked today’s hottest designers to make this their mission. – We wanted to create an area of serenity. – [Carisha] Each […]

Design tips for your small kitchen – Design Lesson 19

Today we’re going to talk about maximizing your small kitchen! Hi everyone welcome to another design lesson video. In each video I’m going to review some key design principles that you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about renovating or decorating your space so if you have a design dilemma and need some answers […]

Stunning Melbourne Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen was good for 20 years. It was a timber kitchen, it was very small and it was a separate kitchen. It was pokey before, the kitchen was on its own, so if you were ever cooking you’re kind of tucked up there on your own and away from what the family was doing. […]

GE Appliances Micro Kitchen

If you could rethink the complete kitchen experience what would we want to be? We had wanted to be the best design that’s available. The best cooking technologies, the best aesthetic design that we can have. So it’s something that is much more minimal in nature and something that speaks to us a little bit […]

Do I need a kitchen island?

– So today, we’re talking about kitchen islands. (rock music) – So there’s lots of things to discuss when it comes to kitchen islands, and it’s always a desirable product you can have in a kitchen. When you’ve got the space, it’s definitely something I’d highly recommend. But what you’ve got to think about when […]

20×14 Modular kitchen बनाने में कितना खर्चा आता है! Modular kitchen design with making price

Hello Guys, Welcome to my channel Marble Guruji Jitendra Sharma” today I show you a modular kitchen with led lights in countertop Indian katni marble flooring in kitchen katni marble looks same as Italian marble wooden niche with different color LED lights wallpaper at wall size of this kitchen is 20 X 14 foot I […]