Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon, and today we are going to make this beautiful gingerbread house complete with two storeys, lights inside this area, we’ve got lollies inside this half, a tree and there’s even a little pond out the back. And also, yes we’re doing a giveaway so you have […]


Can you believe it has been a Year since William and Kate had their little baby George little Prince George who will one day rule this Country and to celebrate this time last Year Jamie put up this amazing snap biscuit recipe so I figured I would get my own little baby Chloe to […]


Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it is Barry here today I am joined by, hello who is that? Chloe, that is right my youngest Daughter Chloe what are we making? Cake! We are making a cake, we are making an apple and cinnamon cake with a delicious lemon icing […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today we are gonna be making something I got so many requests for, the cute little fat cat who loves to om-nom-nom-nom-nom! Pusheen Cat! So today we are gonna be making a Pusheen Cat cake! The things you will need, will be: 1 chocolate box cake […]

i cooked REAL MINI FOODS in an easy bake oven

I was gonna start this video by saying that I thought this is a great idea, and I’m very excited for this But I think honesty is really underrated and the reason why I wanted to make this video is because I bought this freaking easy bake oven and this costs 50 dollars and I’ve […]

Cooking with a 3-Year-Old: The Mac & Cheese and Communist Celery Edition

Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday So Hannah Hart asked people who donated to her kickstarter to show off their kitchens because she might come cook in them [Henry:] Daddy? [John:] Yes? [Henry:] Are you hungry? [John:] I’m not hungry are you hungry? [Henry:] Yeah [John:] I am too. I was lying before. [Henry:] Me too. […]

Monster High Draculaura Dress Cake Tutorial | Halloween Cake | Kids Cooking and Crafts

– Hello everybody. Welcome back to Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Ava, and today, since Halloween is upon us, I will be showing you how to make a DIY Monster High Dress Cake. Today we have here Draculaura; she’s a vampire. I mean, look at how adorable she is. She’s so cute. She has fangs. […]

New to cooking? Pros say to just jump in and do it.

Cooking is a big part of what makes us human. And it is our natural activity. Anybody who’s ever spent much time with a kid knows that all kids love to cook. When you’re cooking at six, seven, eight everybody thinks it’s adorable and they tell you no matter how horrible it is they tell […]

Kitchen Organization Hacks! | Jordan from Millennial Moms

(joyful music) – Hey guys, Jordan Page with Millennial Moms here. And today, I’m going to give you a tour of my kitchen! That’s right, my kitchen. We’ve got five kids, a busy household, and we live in our kitchen. Over the years I have learned a few organization tips and hacks that have really […]