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– You really went to Africa to just get this food? I didn’t even know that was a real town. (growls repeatedly) – Looks good. – It smells spicy. (hums softly) (hums softly) – Is this some kind of yummy thing? I’m thirsty. (laughter) – Bo. (hums uncomfortably) – Spicy! – I do not like […]

Kids Try Fermented Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Male Interviewer] What do you think we’re gonna eat today? I’ll give you 100 dollars if you’re right. – Mmmm Rice! (upbeat guitar music) – [Female Interviewer] Hi! – Hi! – [Female Interviewer] Do you know what you’re here to do today? – Try food. – [Female Interviewer] Today, we’re gonna be trying foods […]

Kids Try Puerto Rican Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Together] Shout out to all my Puerto Rican’s. (upbeat music) – Hey I’m Maddox and today I’m trying food from Puerto Rico. Wait, what? – [Producer] You guys know where Puerto Rico is? – No – Yes – Yeah Puerto Rico! (speaking spanish) – [Female Producer] We’re ready! Okay! Open your eyes. – Puerto […]

Kids Try Jamaican Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– I don’t like to eat animals. – [Woman] Do you still like bacon? – Uh yeah, because I don’t know if it’s an animal, and it’s good. (playful music) – Hi! – [Woman] Who are you? – Austin! – [Woman] What are you here to do today? – Try Kids Food! – [Woman] Kids […]

Kids Try British Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– This is medicine. (upbeat music) (child singing gibberish) – This is a lot. – Whoa. – I like bacon. – Yummy. (chewing) It’s everything I like on one platter. – Wait, is it breakfast? In Seattle, it’s kinda dinner. – I like everything on the plate. Yes. – No, I don’t even know what […]

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– Ew. I don’t like it. – Why me? I wish it was called that. (cheerful music) – I hope it’s a treat! (laughing) – What is this? – Is that fish inside? – Pickles. – I love pickles. Mm. – What? – No they do not! – Pickled fish? Pickled. Fish. – I heard […]

Kids Try Indian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Ernie, open wide. The (mumbling) is coming. – Umm … I have to tie my shoe. – Oh, okay. (laughter) (upbeat fun music) – [Girl] I have a good feeling about this. – Ohhh. – Butter! – What is this? – Eww. (laughs) (chews food loudly) (laughs) – Are you thinking about what it […]

Kids Try Korean Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– I bet I’m gonna pick up this fish. It’s swimming, yay! (laughs) It’s swimming! I think it’s dead. (upbeat guitar plucking) – Hello. – Clara. – Eating food. – (gasps) China! – Tokyo! – What? Korea! Yay, let’s start. – [Boy] What’s this for? (slurps) Mmmh… – The seaweed’s dancing while I blow it. […]

Kids Try Hawaiian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

♫ I’ve been staring at the edge of the water ♫ Long as I can remember ♫ Never really knowing why Woop! (lively music) – So good. – So good. – Yes (mumbles). (boys scream) – [Smaller Boy] I see you peaking. – Blop. – Blop. – How does it not turn into yoke? How […]

Kids Try Hawaiian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

工作人员 : 你们好吗黄衣男孩 : 很好白衣男孩 :很好 工作人员 : 你喜欢和朋友一起试吃吗?男孩: 喜欢! 好 准备好了吗 闭上眼睛! 你在偷看 为什么它变不成硬的蛋黄 为什么它不像我早上吃的蛋会流下来 (女孩) : 往这边 这边 流下去~ (男孩) : 哦~ 好主意~ 如果我也那样弄了 我是不是必须把它吃完 保证好吃? 这真的不错 我推荐你试一试 我催眠你 试吃一口吧 我在试着 就快试吃一口嘛! 这是什么? 工作人员: 它叫 Loco Moco女孩 : 什么? 工作人员 : Loco Moco女孩 : 哦~ 我以为你说hoco moco 工作人员 : 你觉得它来自什么国家男孩 : 日本? 工作人员 […]