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Bismillah Rahman Raheem. Aslam Alaikum My name is Afzal Arshad. And we here with you with a new recipe we had a lot of requests for this recipe This is very delicious recipe RESHMI KEBAB, a lot of people asked to teach this recipe we are here today with this recipe we always share only […]

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Loving Caring Sharing This is my family Today I am Doing KFC Chicken Curd Ginger garlic Paste Salt to taste Lemon juice Maida flour Corn Flour bread crumbs Oats bread crumbs Oats Maida Flour Red chilly powder Black Pepper Cumin powder Salt to taste Oil First Layer Fry Eggs Preparing to fry second time KFC […]

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if like me you love delicious super crunchy amazing popcorn chicken then stand up and if you're not standing well stand up and leave the room because this is not for you allow me to read an email dear Sam and crew there we were a few nights ago watching your fried chicken breakfast sandwich […]

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