BEST MEXICAN STREET FOOD in Abudhabi – Paddock Cafe & Grills, Abu Dhabi

HI guys, How are you? Hey guys, Whats happening My name is Joel, My name is Pranav and we are from team Lokha So new restaurant, new day new day,new restaurant So today we’ll go to Paddock Cafe and Grills Hmm okay They started this restaurant recently in Abu Dhabi they’re very famous for few […]

S01 EP10 Fat Kitchen – Пикник/Picnic

Hi everyone. Welcome to the last episode from season one of Fat Kitchen. Today we are out in the nature, because we are deep in the Summer. And what is popular in Summer… Picnic. This episode it’s our proposal for your picnic. Leave the town… choose some nice location. Come on Bubi. We gonna make […]

Why Döner Kebab Is The Essential Turkish Food With Enes Kanter

Medha Imam: The Greeks call it gyro. The Arabs call it shawarma. The Spanish: al pastor. All of these sliced meats can be traced back to the seat of the Ottoman Empire, which is now Turkey. There, it’s called the döner kebab. And that’s Swiss-born Turkish national and NBA player Enes Kanter. He took us […]

Second Day in ADANA: Meat, Kebab, Borek and Traditional Food! “Lebanon Cooks in Turkey”

I went back to the hotel later in the eveing, and I put all the data and the videos, and I wanted to do a “best off” video, but turns out I took videos of more than 2 hours! So i went to sleep directly… I slept well it was comfortable, and i woke up […]

Cooking with Marshmello: How To Make Indonesian Sate

Happy Tuesday Mello gang! And Welcome to episode 23 of Cooking with Marshmello! We’ve got a wonderful international dish for you all today Indonesian sate! Let’s get cooking! (music) For our sate, we will require: Sambal oelek Coriander Cumin Lemongrass Red wine An onion, chopped A clove of garlic, minced Sirloin steak and some water […]

Afghan Kabab Recipe _ How to make Afghani Kabab Koobideh – International Cuisines

Cinnamon Stick not vanilla

Chicken Gyros – Taste the World 4

– Just um, yeah. (dramatic music) Hello everyone, hope you’re well. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Sorry just, the corner of my eye, I’ve just realised that, well I’ve got the pugs over there, just chilling out in the sun. Mrs. Barry’s slippers are just down there, but you know what? I’m just gonna leave them in […]

Arabic Food in Karachi | Mutton Mandi | Madfoon , Madbee & Kunafa | Pakistani Food

Salam my name is Zia Tabarak… …and right now I’m at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi. I read a lot of messages & comments from you guys… …saying we’ve seen Nihari, Kebabs & Biryani & now we want something different. Arabic dishes are really trending right now in Karachi… And “Mandi House” tops the chart for Arabic […]