Food Street of Kharadar, Karachi | Pizza Fries, Qadir Chat, Sanober Icecream | Pakistani Street Food

Assalam-u-Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak and right I’m in the Kharadar Area, Karachi. Kharadar is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Karachi… …and also its the birthplace of the Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Behind me is the Lyari General Hospital & just opposite to it is this amazing Food Street. It wouldn’t […]

Bữa Cơm Với Bần – Khói Lam Chiều Tập 14 | Cooking a meal with Mangrove Apple in Southern Vietnam

How is your dad? is he good? Yes, he’s good Cooking a meal with mangrove apple Thank you Mangrove apple Make sugar sauce Lime juice Garlic, shallot, chili Pepper, sugar Salt, fish sauce Caramel liquid Marinate fish for 30 minutes Young mangrove apple Ripe mangrove apple Mangrove apple juice Mangrove apple juice Pepper, green onion […]

How to Make Lemonade

A cool glass of freshly squeezed lemonade is one of Summer’s sweet tart cool downs. And it’s so easy to make. Here’s how, in just three steps. Step One: Squeeze the lemons. Use a juicer to squeeze ten lemons. Pour the juice into a large pitcher. Step Two: Add Sugar. Measure 1 cup of sugar, […]

False Ka Sharbat Recipe – Ayesha Cooking Recipes

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I cooked a FRANKLIN BBQ EXPERIMENT for my friends!

After going to Franklin’s barbecue in Austin Texas and having an amazing experience my nephew Angel was always asking me Guga you should have taken me. And I don’t blame him I really should have, and ever since then it’s always on the back of my mind to make it up to him and today’s […]

How to Make The Best Mimosa Recipe – Classic Mimosa Cocktail

We’re Adam and Joanne from and welcome to our kitchen. Today we will be showing you how to make one of our favorite drinks the mimosa. Mimosa’s are made from orange juice and sparkling wine. If you can use freshly squeezed orange juice. We know it seems a little over the top but when […]


Bogota, Colombia. City of the South. City of Spanish. City of many things, ah… many things in… that are in South America. It’s a city of spectacular views, wonderful people, beautiful booties, precocious pups… And, you guessed it, great food. Today, I’m going to be going out into Bogota for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To […]

Nature’s Viagra (Best juicing recipe ever!)

and I’m going to show you how to make my favorite juice this is nature’s natural viagra you definitely don’t want to miss this one so you want carrots every family’s favorite veg white these are antioxidant miracles those are the things that mop up all those nasty free radicals that cause cancer we know […]

Annoying Orange – Shia LaBeouf Motivates the Kitchen

– Question: What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? – Burp so loud it knocks down a chandelier. – Okay, but seriously, what’s something realistic you’ve always wanted to do? – I’ve always wanted to eat an entire boat. – I wanna get squished by a celebrity. – Poop a rainbow! – Grow a second […]

The 5 Fabulous Food Groups

Our bodies need lots of energy to keep us going throughout the day. And do you know where we get that energy? That’s right…from the food we eat! And all kinds of different people enjoy different kinds of food. But whether your favorite meal includes noodles or nectarines, tortillas or tofu, most types of food […]