Find shelter and food, Sumatra vs Wild, episode 1

To be survived in the nature with basic tools we need more knowledge and experience There are non-edible plants which can be made into weapons or traps This forest here has a typical rock terrain so it’s not easy to move This will be different with the European or south American forests There will be […]

Knockout Punch- Ultimate Expedition: Tocllaraju

– [Narrator] Previously on Ultimate Expedition. – [Lia] I don’t think I can do it. – [Narrator] After Lia was evacuated, the mountain claimed its second victim. – You’re eliminated. It’s not safe for you to keep on going. – I feel very defeated. – [Narrator] And Chuck’s respiratory infection got worse. – He’s sick, […]


TURTLE Catch and cook, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 77

This time is dry season The stream seems to be dried up The shelter is no longer intact Because some dry tree branches fell down Moreover, the humidity is high This shelter will collapse soon because of no human The downstream There is no trace of any animal It seems that this place had been […]


How to Give a Hate-Filled Blow Job – Sex Fails (feat. Rosebud Baker)

I’m Rosebud Baker and this is the story of how I learned to give the perfect hate blowjob. I grew up reading Cosmo articles. I don’t know who writes these articles. But they write about giving blowjobs like they’re locked in a basement and they got suck their way out. How to blow his [bleep] […]

Hunting and cooking, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 60

An Autumn afternoon Nice weather Squirrels often find food in the morning or afternoon Only need to find fruit trees The remains of food is everywhere They ate seeds inside the fruits An unripe fruit These fruit trees are so much higher than usual Banana forest is also a place that squirrels come consequently to […]

New to cooking? Pros say to just jump in and do it.

Cooking is a big part of what makes us human. And it is our natural activity. Anybody who’s ever spent much time with a kid knows that all kids love to cook. When you’re cooking at six, seven, eight everybody thinks it’s adorable and they tell you no matter how horrible it is they tell […]

Vegetarian/Pescatarian Meal Prep: $40 Weekly Budget

this is my first youtube video thank you so much for joining me I'm definitely excited to go on this journey and have you guys come along with me on my channel I'm definitely going to go ahead and go over some Christianity some Christian dating some health some fitness some Beauty some education you […]

Danielle Baker's Ruin Y Gastric Bypass Story II 5 Years Later

hi my name is Danielle Baker and I wanted to do a story on my journey with gastric bypass so January of 2014 I had a lot of health issues I was morbidly obese I was between a 24 26 W well over 300 pounds and very thick internally I had always been a plus-sized […]