How to Make Chicken Nanbanzuke (Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Let’s prepare the Nanban vinegar sauce. Shred the kombu kelp with a pair of kitchen shears. The shredded pieces are easier to make dashi stock and are also edible. Snap the red chili pepper in half, remove the seeds and cut into rings. Pour […]

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Halal Japanese Food In Singapore | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 28

Wait, is that a scallop? Huh? Eh, look there, look there! I knew it! You would- Ah you see! You see! This is what you get for being a bad person! Konnichiwa! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs. I’m Chiara-san! And I’m Fauzi-san! And today we’re gonna eat Japanese food in Singapore! Uh-huh, and […]


Sorry. Great. im gay and i like tuna watching porn I will immediately disassemble the tuna. 1. 2. GO Wait a minute. It’s 58kg of tuna captured in Nagasaki. It’s 58kg of tuna. First cut the tail. It is usually hidden. It opens when changing the direction. This is the Primary dorsal fin. This is […]

Japan STREET FOOD TOUR of Ameyoko Market in Tokyo Japan

Hey guys hello from Tokyo, it’s such a nice day today, so I figured I’d take my eating outside Super please – it looks pretty good I’m on my way to a street market called ameyoko And this is a recommendation from my buddy John from only in Japan in this market if you break […]

Let’s cook Japanese home cuisine! おうちごはんをつくってみよう!Meatballs.

Hi everyone みなさんこんにちは。 It’s Mei Akemi Ihara めいあけみ いはらです。 Today I’ll show you how to make meatballs. きょうは ミートボールのつくりかたを せつめいしたいとおもいます The estimated time to prepare and cook it is about 30 or 40 minutes. だいたい30ぷんから40ぷんくらいで できるとおもいます。 Let’s learn the Japanese language while cooking! おりょうり しながら にほんごを まなんで いきましょう。 Let’s get start it! はじめます Here are 400 grams minced beef. minced pork. .ぎゅうひきにく(minced […]

Kung Pao Chicken (Gong Bao Ji Ding)

Hi guys, I’m Seonkyoung Longest. Welcome to “Asian at Home”! Today, I’m going to show you how to make Kung Pao Chicken~! Oh, yeah~! I’m so happy to share my version of Kung Pao Chicken, or Gong Bao Chicken, whatever you call it. So let’s get start it! First, we need to prepare our chicken […]

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