Japanese Street Food – GIANT OYSTER and Seafood Tour of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan!

– [Mark] For any food lover, Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is an ultimate culinary paradise. In this video, I’m going to take you on an extreme one-day Japanese street food tour and show you some of the best things to eat at Tsukiji Market, including a huge oyster and some off the beaten path local […]

Popin Cookin Icecream, Sushi, Cake Kracie #3 #5 #2 HOW TO COOK THAT

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon You asked me to do a popin cookin video so I ordered these in from Japan, we don’t have have them here in Australia. Lets start with this birthday cake kit, I’ve got three different kits for you. And the first thing you will notice […]

New Massive 628-pax Japan Food Town – 16 eateries opening at Wisma Atria’s Isetan on July 16, 2016

In July, a new cluster of 16 Japanese restaurants will open on the fourth floor of the Isetan department store in Wisma Atria, many of them the first overseas branches of popular eateries in Japan. Called Japan Food Town, its tenants include Sushi Takewaka, which is opening its first outpost beyond the 28-year-old shop in […]

6 Must Try Japanese Dishes | Miyagi

From one to ten? Maybe ten! Ten! In one word – one English word – how would you describe it? Justice delicious! That’s two words! Justice delicious! That doesn’t even make any sense! Justice delicious! Justice delicious! Japan is home to arguably the finest cuisine in the world. If not for the fresh, high quality […]

“Vario Cooking Center MURUTIFICIENCY” – FUJIMAK Co., Ltd.

It is our new product, Vario cooking center. It is a product full of flexibility including the pressure cooking, fry, boil and bake. This product has two pans of 14ℓ . Besides, we prepare for three kinds of 100ℓ, 150ℓ. I just perform pressure cooking now. A way of the heating is only from the […]

Hello Kitty Kitchen Re Ment | Part 4

So let’s take a look at the next one. It looks as though in this one, we can make some lunch. So in this one we get a loaf of bread. And we get this little flask, to keep your soup warm or hot drink warm. And then we get this adorable little bowl, with […]

Wakame Seaweed Salad May Lower Blood Pressure

100 Yen Lawson Osechi Japanese New Year Dishes

freeze dried Amazake. It’s a fermented rice drink. sweet and non-alcoholic. Kamaboko : boiled fish paste. a bit salty and firm texture. Kuromane : sweet black soybeans. sweet and soft texture. Namasu-zuke : daikon Japanese radish and carrot salad. sliced daikon and carrot strip pickled in a sweet vinegar sauce. Kombu-maki : herring kelp roll. […]

Tokyo’s Monster Food Challenge ★ ONLY in JAPAN #20 東京大食いチャレンジ

Here we are in central Tokyo at Tokyo Dome City a place to full of fun challenges like thunder dolphin a roller coaster that goes through a building and of course Tokyo Dome but today we’re talking about food challenges and help me out is KAI OKUDERA who is a food writer for Tokyo Cheapo […]


Presenting The real food loved by locals Brought to you by a Japanese-American Chinese noodle Majin You can see that there’s a lot of spice in the food. The spices and tofu goes through the blazing fire, bringing out the flavor. After boiling the noodles, Drop the yolk of the egg on top and bonappetit […]