RESIDENT EVIL 7 | THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER | RE7 Theories | Mia Baker Thoughts

One of the main takeaways from the Twilight demo update was the new portrait above the fireplace confirming that there is in fact a little girl involved with the Baker family. Who would have guessed that this image of the precious American dream would soon become a nightmare, and the loving family would transform into […]

RESIDENT EVIL 7 | Will Jack Baker Return? Is He Dead Or Alive? | End Of Zoe Theory

Jack Baker is Dead. Jack Baker Is Dead Jack Baker is Dead Jack Baker is Dead? While it appeared the serum injection from ethan was in fact the only thing that could kill Jack Baker, a puzzling scene in the original game and a new DLC trailer clip have people second guessing Jack’s fate. So […]

RESIDENT EVIL 7 | Jack Baker Funny One Liner Compilation | RE7 Comedy

Jack Baker is not so quietly becoming the somewhat classic face of Resident Evil 7 thanks to his homeless chic look, his wacky southern accent and the strange goofy tone of his one liners. Let’s have a listen to what Jack’s had to say so far: “Come here boy, lets do this come on!” “You […]

The Fabulous Baker Boys – More Than You Know

More than You Know More than You Know Man of My Heart I Love You So Lately I Find Your on My Mind More than You Know Whether You’re Right Whether You’re Wrong Man of My Heart I’ll string along You Need Me So More Than You’ll Ever K- -K-N- -K-N-O- -K-N-O-W- –K–N–O–W–

Resident Evil 7 | Did Eveline Kill Jack Baker? | Examining The RE7 Green Dream

One of the most confusing scenes from Resident Evil 7 comes when main character Ethan has been cocooned in mold and is in some sort of hallucinogenic state. The game transfers you to a green tinted world, the green dream, where one of the main villains Jack Baker, bad guy, and your main helper throughout […]

The Fabulous Baker Boys – Makin’ Whoopee

Another Bride Another June Another Sunny Honeymoon Another Season Another Reason For Makin’ Whoopee A-lot of Shoes A-lot of Rice The Groom is Nervous He answers Twice It’s Really Killin’ That he’s So Willin’ To Make Whoopee! Picture a little Love-Nest Down where the Roses Cling Picture that Same Sweet Love-Nest Think What a Year […]

The Fabulous Baker Boys – My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine Sweet Comic Valentine You make Me Smile with My Heart Your Looks Are Laughable Unphotographable but You’re My Favorite Work of Art Is your Figure Less than Greek Is your Mouth A Little Weak When you Open It to Speak Are you Smart? Don’t change A hair for Me Not If You […]

RESIDENT EVIL 7 | GRANDMA BAKER THEORY | RE7 Theories | Spencer Trevor Part II

What’s up ZOMBS! We’ve been talking so much about classic characters returning to Resident Evil 7 that we’ve been ignoring a character is already confirmed. That’s right, everyone’s favorite old bag Camille. From sinister to senile, the woman has had quite the transformation from trailer to trailer and it will be interesting to see how […]

Initial D – Baker Stage (RESIDENT EVIL 7 Eurobeat parody)

หมอนี้ไม่เคยขับถนนเส้นนี้หรือไง? พอผ่านโค้งนี้ไปก็จะมีโค้งหักศอก 3 โค้งติดนะ! ว่าแล้วไง! หมอนี้ขับเร็วเกินไป! ลดความเร็วไม่ทันเข้าโค้งแน่ๆ!!! หะ!! บ..บ้าหน่า!! อินเนอร์เทียรดริฟท์งั้นเหรอ!??

Resident Evil 7 – Ethan VS Jack Baker Boss Fight Chainsaw | HD 60 FPS