Budapest Food Tour: Must Eat Hungarian Dishes in Budapest, Hungary

Mustard in pigs brains inside of a pork cutlet Hey guys I’m Ross (and I’m Bek) and we’re in Budapest. Our friends here have shown us around we’ve come up with a list of our favourite foodie spots and that’s where we’re taking you today. If you’re into food and travel videos hit subscribe guys […]

Trying Colombia’s MOST FAMOUS DISH! + Bus Ride to Guatapé 😍🚌

-Good morning adventurers. -Good morning! It’s a beautiful day here in Medellin Oh…yeah, beautiful. You got some here. Oh man. That’s true love right there. We’re not off to a good start today. It is almost 3 PM I think? Yeah, did I say good morning? Yeah, I meant good afternoon I’d say that every […]


That’s Galuh. -No, no, That’s Galuh. He’s annoyed seeing you, bro, -No, no, no. Why??. Yes, correct. It’s for him to camouflage like that. it’s means that it’s really… what was it… This is a trapper…. -We can say that it’s an expert trapper, right?. -Yes, that’s precisely correct, sir. -And you shouldn’t hold it […]

We Missed Mexico! DELICIOUS Local Street Food & Hidden Cenote! – Puerto Morelos

Good morning adventurers. Good morning! We made it to Mexico So last time you guys saw us we were in Vegas and we have to fly over to Mexico We’ve actually been here for a week. We’ve just been chilling in a small town that’s between Cancun and Playa del Carmen that’s a town called […]

Eating Our Way Through COPENHAGEN! – Top Restaurants, Food & City Tour! (Denmark)

Welcome to Copenhagen for safety reasons, please remain seated with your seatbelt on Good morning adventurers Hello there! We have left our bunker down in France Our dress the old bunker, huh? So we dropped off our car in Brussels caught a plane up to Copenhagen Ultimately our goal is we’re gonna head over to […]

Inside China’s Bug-Eating Industry (Part 1)

This is Matthew from VICE’s Brooklyn office. China’s tradition of insect eating is far from mainstream. But recently there’s been a resurgence in the culture. VICE China explores this peculiar industry. This is What we Buy: Bug Eating Industry – Part 1. His shoes should be fine. It’s ok if he wears his own shoes. […]

6 Must Try Japanese Dishes | Miyagi

From one to ten? Maybe ten! Ten! In one word – one English word – how would you describe it? Justice delicious! That’s two words! Justice delicious! That doesn’t even make any sense! Justice delicious! Justice delicious! Japan is home to arguably the finest cuisine in the world. If not for the fresh, high quality […]

किमची सलाद II Kimchi Salad II An Unique Cabbage Salad By Chef Garima Gupta II

Hello Myself Garima on GG’s Platter. Once again I am here with the Salad Recipe, speciality of GG’s Platter. Which is unique, name is Kimchi Salad but its in GG’s Style. Normally Kimchi Salad is not cooked. But the cabbage which is the basic ingredient of Kimchi Salad I don’t like eating it raw So, […]

Chicago’s Best Deep-Dish Pizza, According to Locals — Open Road

(bluesy electric guitar music) – [Bill] I’m Bill Addison, Eater’s ever-roving national critic. Chicago is one of the country’s defining food towns. When visitors come to graze through its remarkable dining scene, they often zero in on one of the town’s most famous creations: deep dish pizza. Love or loathe these cheesy, crusty monsters, everyone’s […]


Take this to daddy, please Today we are cooking chickens in a tandoor The thick meat needs to be cut in order to get cooked through Let’s marinade the chickens We’ll use an Abkhazian sauce Called Adjika Bring me some lemonade from the fridge This special sauce contains all the spices we need Pour in […]