A Snake Hiding in a Kitchen | Snake City

SIMON: It’s definitely a rodent. SIOUXIE: Look at that. SIMON: Yeah. SIOUXIE: That’s not the skin on the rat, is it? SIMON: Oh, well I don’t know. Is it? Something like that. That or plastic. SIOUXIE: Plastic? SIMON: Plastic, yeah. Yeah, it’s plastic. The mess is really distracting. We can’t see the snake. It actually […]

Wearing Warby: Molly Yeh

My name is Molly Yeh and I’m a cookbook author, food blogger, and TV host. I’ve been wearing Warby since 2012 and I currently where the Jane frame. I was so excited when I first realized I needed glasses. Because my sister growing up she always had glasses and I always had good sight. But […]

Hot Food Vending Machines in Japan – Eric Meal Time #172

Oh boy, look at this guys. Oh it’s hot hot hot Hey guys, what’s going on? I’m Ericsurf6 and welcome to another edition of Eric Meal Time. Today I have found a place where there are tons of… Food vending machines all together – We’re in sort of this… Industrial area. A lot of factories […]

New Model Home Tour | 4,069 sq ft | Winter Garden, FL | Bradford Creek, Gated Community

Hi this is Paul Baker with Remax and HotPropertyFL.com. Today I’m out in Winter Garden I’m at Bradford Creek by Lennar Homes and I have another model home I’d like to show you. This is the Chesapeake floorplan it’s 4069 square feet it’s a 5 bedroom 4 bath home with a three-car garage they are […]

Second Day in ADANA: Meat, Kebab, Borek and Traditional Food! “Lebanon Cooks in Turkey”

I went back to the hotel later in the eveing, and I put all the data and the videos, and I wanted to do a “best off” video, but turns out I took videos of more than 2 hours! So i went to sleep directly… I slept well it was comfortable, and i woke up […]

Seville Food Tour: Can’t-Miss Stops! | Devour Seville

Saludos from sunny Seville! I’m Jaimie. And I’m Hayley. And we’re here to take you through the winding streets of the city to show you some of our favorite bars and restaurants. And these local establishments are actually places that we visit on our food tours through Seville. So we’re starting off right below Seville’s […]

Philippines traditional healthy food, Bulalo [Battle Trip / 2017.01.29]

It’s time to eat. – What will they eat? / – You can’t forget… – About food. / – Now it begins. (It’s their first Christmas in summer) It’s finally time to eat dinner. I’m hungry. Look at the Christmas decorations. Is this what we’re eating? Everything looks good. This is traditional Filipino cuisine. This […]

Get cooking with your kids

I’m not going to eat it It’s definitely some type of green leaf It might be broccoli It’s not broccoli Margar… No. Yeah, margarita Curry sauce Red Pepper I hope they’re not spicy They are spicy Are they? Oh god Lemonade It’s flour, it’s flour Does flour normally have wholegrain bits in? Granola Porridge oats […]

Third Day in ADANA: Local Breakfast, Market, Traditional Street Food & Tourism

In order for someone to live the life of a city, he has to walk in it’s streets and with it’s citizens. It’s Sunday, and the day starts from Souk Al Ahad (Sunday Market). Come let’s have a tour. Hello Yasine! Hi good morning my friend. I felt like I’m in a movie, I’m walking […]

Senegal: Fille en Cuisine (Girl in the Kitchen)

Girl in the kitchen I want cabbage, 100 F, and avet, 100 F. Please, I’m in a hurry. If we just had a bigger market! 2,000 francs just for this! It’s really hard. I wanted to prepare mafe but it’s impossible. Why? To get meat, you have to go all the way to Thies.