What to eat in ROME, ITALY | Roman FOOD TOUR – Pizza, Rome street food, Pasta | Italian FOOD

today we’re in Rome, Italy we’re gonna be traveling all around town to show you the best food Rome has to offer Roman food culture is bold, delicious and steeped in history this is our second video from Rome and we’re here to hunt down the best Italian food watch out for traditional Roman dishes […]

SICILY FOOD TOUR | Street food in Italy | Palermo street food and traditional SICILIAN food

today we’re in Italy on the island of Sicily and we’re here to eat we’re in the capital of Palermo and we can’t wait to show you the best food the city has to offer if you love to eat Palermo’s food scene will be right up your alley the food culture here revolves around […]

Recup: the struggle against the food waste in Milan

Papiniano is one of the 94 public markets of Milan On average each family waste the amount of 450 euros of food per year Last September the Italian parliament has approved a new law against the food waste: its main goal is to let citizens share their leftovers without any charge Whether we have any […]

Fake Italian Food | klairehumanoid

Okay hear me out for one second! I know that all we do as italians on the internet is complaining about how you’re not able to make our food the proper way And to be honest, most of the time, we’re right It’s annoying but we’re right But we have so much pride in our […]

Angelina’s Mont Blanc Recipe | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and this week we’re making the famous Mont Blanc dessert which means white mountain. The Mont Blanc peak that the desert is named after is on the border between Italy and France. According to the French this dessert was invented by Anton Rumplemayer at Angelina’s restaurant […]

Coffee | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 7 | Kids Try | Cut

I think this is from the place you’re a bunch of adults are crazy on coffee, and that will be called Asia. My gosh, I’m not used to drinking fancy drinks like this. Hmm, I’m scared. (Alight, in five seconds take a sip?) I’ll take a puggly any war It’s okay. I can have it. […]

Food photography in Italy

Hi i’m Jim from MrAndMrsRomance.com. Christina and I have put together this short video with seven of our favourite tips to help you with your food photography. While we’re in Puglia in the southeast of Italy recently, we came across so many beautiful things to eat, so here’s what we saw and how we photographed […]

The Pecorino Cheese Maker | The Artisans of Italy with Zak the Baker

I’m Zak the Baker. My interest in breadbaking came from a general fascination of life’s most basic food processes. Now, I’m searching to find the craftsmen of the modern day. The ones who have dedicated their lives to carrying on the timeless traditions that make the world rich. We’re in Pienza, Italy. A beautiful Tuscan […]

Pizza, tacos or poutine? Arjun asks which food truck is worth it at Supercrawl | CBC Kids News

Hey guys, it’s Arjun Ram. I’m here at Supercrawl in Hamilton. Today, I’m gonna be trying some festival food. And we’re gonna find out which one is the most worth it. ♪ [upbeat, rock] ♪ Yo, it’s Supercrawl once again Straight from the Hammer. ♪ Loud music, crazy art, all the talents have gathered ♪ […]

Linguine & Clams with Chef Steve Martorano