Easy TIRAMISU Cake | No-Bake Dessert

– Hey, everyone. It’s Natasha of NatashasKitchen.com, and today I’m gonna show you how to make a classic tiramisu. This is a simple, make-ahead recipe, and you’re gonna love what we put in the cream. So let’s get started. We’ll start with the syrup. In a medium bowl, combine one and a half cups of […]

Did Pizza Hut Get It Right This Time?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review. And I am your host the report of the week. So here we are Now we’re kind of really back to normal. We’re doing a food review and On a new […]

What to eat in ROME, ITALY | Roman FOOD TOUR – Pizza, Rome street food, Pasta | Italian FOOD

today we’re in Rome, Italy we’re gonna be traveling all around town to show you the best food Rome has to offer Roman food culture is bold, delicious and steeped in history this is our second video from Rome and we’re here to hunt down the best Italian food watch out for traditional Roman dishes […]

SICILY FOOD TOUR | Street food in Italy | Palermo street food and traditional SICILIAN food

today we’re in Italy on the island of Sicily and we’re here to eat we’re in the capital of Palermo and we can’t wait to show you the best food the city has to offer if you love to eat Palermo’s food scene will be right up your alley the food culture here revolves around […]


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Easy Lasagna Roll Ups With Meat – Make Ahead | Freezer Friendly

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of natashaskitchen.com, and, today, I’m gonna teach you how to make lasagna roll-ups. These have all of the same great flavors that you love in lasagna. They’re beefy, cheesy, saucy, so delicious, and they’re way easier to serve, so let’s get started. (hands tapping) Start by cooking 12 […]

Fake Italian Food | klairehumanoid

Okay hear me out for one second! I know that all we do as italians on the internet is complaining about how you’re not able to make our food the proper way And to be honest, most of the time, we’re right It’s annoying but we’re right But we have so much pride in our […]

Piedmont’s Cuisine With Chef Pierpaolo Livorno

Welcome to Bra, Northern Italy. We are in the Piedmont region, birthplace of the Slow Food movement. The organization has its headquarters here and has inspired the transformation of a former royal residence, Pollenzo, into a symbol of its philosophy. As Soup As Possible sneaked into the kitchen to meet a master of the local […]

Cheesy Sausage and Pepper Stromboli – The Cooking Show

-About that time of day. [ Exhales deeply ] Ahh, that’s so good. It’s a good wine. Keep that handy. Back with “The Cooking Show,” and today, we’re gonna make stromboli. Basically, you’re making a really beautiful dough, fill it with cheese and a sausage, broccoli rabe, pepper filling. Roll it up, bake it. You’re […]


Dear friends of GialloZafferano It is a real honour for me to introduce to you the recipe of real love, the kind of unconditional love which lasts forever. It is the recipe my granny used to make for my mum and then my mum to me and I will make it for my chubby baby […]