CHICKEN CACCIATORE | One of the Best Chicken Recipes Ever | Italian Chicken Casserole

An, when I just lick my lips. [PIANO PLAYING] Hi, and welcome to Vincenzo’s Plate, where amazing homemade Italian food is made. Today, we are making one of the most popular Italian recipes around the world– chicken cacciatore. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] And what does it mean? This means the hunter’s chicken, or the chicken hunters. And […]

COOKING | Meatballs: tasty Italian recipe!

Hi guys even though, as you can see, I have Christmas decorations up this is not really a Christmas themed video because today I’m making meatballs not very Christmassy, I guess I made them a few days ago, and I posted them on my Insta stories and a few friends asked me for the recipe […]

Italian Cuisine | CLASSIC PASTA CARBONARA | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC] Hey everybody.>>Hi guys.>>So welcome back to How to Feed a Loon, I’m Kris.>>And I’m Wesley.>>The Pasta Loon!>>The Pasta Loon! >>Pasta Loon.>>[LAUGH] >>So folks, guess what we’re making? Pasta.>>Yes. >>Yes, we are doing one of our favorite dishes.>>Everything’s our favorite dishes.>>I know. >>But this is one of->>But this is my super duper favorite.>>[LAUGH] It’s a […]

Korean Girls Try Authentic Italian Food [Pizzas, pastas, lasagna, desserts]

Se questa e’ la vera cucina Italiana Penso che gli altri ristoranti Italiani debbano cambiare le loro insegne In passato non era facile per i ristoranti offrire cucina autentica Italiana in Corea Ah, e’ grasso! E’ troppo salato! Non penso questa pasta sia stata cotta abbastanza Ora i tempi sono cambiati ed i Coreani sono […]

Italian Cuisine | ARANCINI (ITALIAN RICE BALLS) | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC]>>Hey everybody.>>Hi, guys.>>So welcome to How To Feed A Loon, I’m Kris>>And I’m Wesley.>>The loon.>>The loon.>>And folks, today we are making an amazing, it’s an appetizer, I think it’s fair to say that.>>Yes, it’s very much an appetizer.>>Although we eat so many of them.>>That it is my entrée.>>It’s an entrée.>>[LAUGH] >>It’s an entrée to deliciousness, […]

STREET FOOD in ITALY | What to eat in ROME | ROME street food tour

today we’re in Rome, Italy we’re gonna be zipping all around town to show you some of the best food this city has to offer Roman food culture is all about bold flavours, fresh ingredients cooked simply and a passion for nose-to-tail eating this is our first video from Rome and we’re here to hunt […]

Gennaro makes Gnocchi

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How to Eat Pasta Like an Italian | Cuisine Code | NowThis

Sure, you can get pasta all over the world. But Italians really know their stuff. It’s no surprise that Italy has the biggest pasta market in the world. Unless you’re a kid or eating soup, you should never use a spoon. You might look like a serious amateur. Italians eat almost all of their pasta […]

Did I Just Make Cacio E Pepe Better ? (Italians don’t watch)

This video is brought to you by my supporters on Patreon. Hey guys salut, it’s Alex. Welcome back to the ‘Cacio E Pepe’ miniseries thingy. Today as promised I’m going to try to improve the original ‘Cacio E Pepe’ recipe. In fact, if you’re looking for the classic, original, geniune ‘Cacio E Pepe’ recipe then […]

Homemade Lasagna with from Scratch Noodles

– Hey, everybody, I’m Chef Tom with All Things Barbecue, and today I’m gonna be making everyone’s favorite Italian comfort food, lasagna. (splashing) (dripping) Our lasagna’s gonna have three main components. The first one is the noodles, the second the red sauce, and then the bechamel. Now, we’re gonna get started by making the noodles, […]